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TIMERS in Action, November 2013!

Argentina corre Colón Between Rios Argentina for the second time this year is the venue of the call that makes Argentina Corre across the country. More than 2,000 people with disabilities, childrens and adults joined to the competitions of 2, 5 and 10 kilometers in Colon. Our MACSHA Team moved to the city entrerriana to prepare this great event!

The Participants in colon ran through a recreational circuit of 2 kilometers, prepared for every family on a recreational level, also we had competitive distances of 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers.results!WAGADUU

Marathon “Ciudad de Tigre”

The 30th Marathon of tigre city was presented . The race, organized by the Municipality of Tigre, next to the sailing club and the Rotary Club Hacoaj of Tigre, it was attended by more than 6000 runners that competed for a place in the different categories,there was one for the whole family of 5 km and a competitive one of 10 km.


Marathon Malvinas-Cormillot

Over a thousand participants took this third edition of this athletic event! On Sunday of October 13th it was performed the 3rd Marathon Malvinas-Cormillot, in the categories of 3km and 6 km, with the slogan “Never Too Late”. MACSHA was present.

10K Chevrolet

Over two thousand athletes participated in the fourth edition of the Chevrolet 10K , which was held on a Sunday in the City of Buenos Aires with the slogan “Keep up fit. Keep your car. ” The winners were Ulises Sanguinetti, in the men, and Cintia Viviana Rocha Andra in female.


5th Race Levantemos Vuelo 2013

The fifth edition of the race “Lift up your Flight” with more than 2000 participants in different categories and distances from 200 meters to 10 km. Another success from our Timers in Mexico!

Race results are now available on

Halloween 5K and 1 K DOG RUN

Our friends from Funsport organized a themed event for Halloween! On Saturday October 26th was held on the 5K fun runHalloween and 1K Dog Run in Guayaqui, Ecuador. hundreds of people ran through the streets of North Kennedy disguised with their pets.

We share this multimedia material of this cute date!


On October 11th The Gran Fondo Giro D’Italia Jerusalem was timed by our Timers in Israel, Sportweb!

This amazing Italian event is a long journey of three days by bicycle, which included, shows, exhibitions, gala, Expo area and the unique combination of modernization and tradition that only Jerusalem can Do.

The Routes:

1 – A Route of 20km within the city of Jerusalem, a panoramic route of the most significant places of the city, open to everyone!

2 – Other route was a challenging mountain available in two distances:
a) Average of 85 km, including also the bond of 20 km and 5.5 km to competition Nes Harim
b) Length: A challenging 127km route in the mountains of Jerusalem, including also the bond of 20 km and competition 5.5 Km to Nes Harim

The results SportWeb

28th Edition Biathlon summit “Andres Calisaya”

On Sunday October 20th was held the Biathlon in Salta, timed by our friends TIME CONTROL, the event had more than 200 people that circulated during 33Km in category Road Bike and MTB. Were they use the  famous MT-ANKLE for Bike competition, was a success!

Marathon 10K Edisur Group

The marathon took place on the streets of Manantiales Ciudad Nueva, in the province of Cordoba With the slogan “Edisur runs through the city”. On Saturday October 26th, we conducted this competitive marathon 10 kilometers and 3 kilometers participatory with the intention that all Cordoba Knew about the new park La cañana, part of the city. With nearly 600 runners, we used MT-SHOE chips, the timing was a total success!

With record inscribed on Sunday 6th our timers BAHIA CORRE attended the race “Tribute to Vanessa Zamudio” in Coronel Suarez. With 5 and 10K distances and using for the first time Chips technology, these were the results.

Fotos: socionopaga

Enduro Monte Hermoso 2013

On the 12th of october and 13th it was the new edition of the Enduro at Monte Hermoso, in conjunction with Innovation Sports, BAHIA was timing this incredible event which served this third edition!

10 Km. Villa de San Vicente de la Barquera

About 600 athletes of all ages participated in the first season of the competition. San Vicente de la Barquera regained its place on the map of the national athletics events with the first edition of this intense competition with the participation of about 600 runners of all ages. The 10 km race Villa of San Vicente de la Barquera reconciled to the village with a beautiful race in a day  which Workhen  Fikre and Marta Tigabea  became again  the most prominent. The two African athletes  flew over the circuit from the fishing town scoring two excellent times.