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MACSHA Resolutions 2014

Value, Value & More Value for TIMERS and Event Organisers.

Dear TIMERS and event organisers,

We hope the new year started off great for you! Here in MACSHA we decided to make some changes and provide even more value for TIMERS and race organisers. From now on, we will focus all our marketing efforts around YOU. We will put all our timing and sport event knowledge gathered over the years into easy-to-read blogs, free e-books and interviews where we will share best practices, lots of tips, timing news and trends as well as solutions to your timing problems! Continue reading our 2014 resolutions to find out more about the benefits they bring:

  1. In 2014 we will stop keeping our timing knowledge to our face-to-face / phone / skype / email conversations and we will share it with everybody looking to improve their timing skills or learn how to organise a fun and impeccable sport event!

  2. We will publish an e-book per month that will solve or help avoid timing mistakes.

  3. We will interview MACSHA TIMERS or other timing experts each month to share their most valuable timing experiences with you.

  4. We will continue to promote our TIMERS who keep doing a great job timing around the world!

  5. We will share ideas for fun events as well as tips on our social media channels. Don’t miss out; follow us Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & YouTube! 🙂

  6. With all of that, together we will upgrade the timing of your races and provide an even more amazing experience for the race participants!

We are sure that this year you will learn a lot, improve your skills and become an even better timer and race organiser! In order to do it right we would like to hear about the problems you might be facing and things you would like learn more about. If you had a problem and you found a great solution that you would like to share with others, drop us an email to, or write us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Pinterest or YouTube! However you prefer, just get in touch :)! We are hoping to create a helpful community of TIMERS and develop the timing business together even more. We are lucky to be in the business that keeps on growing and we hope that with these changes and efforts the quality of our offering for the participant will continue to improve.

We’re looking forward to your comments and support as well as hearing about your problems and finding solutions together 🙂

The excited MACSHA team.