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Timers en Action January 2014!

San Silvestre Rosario de Lerma

On the morning of December 31st in the city of Rosario de Lerma in Salta, closing the year 2013, the traditional San Silvester Marathon was run.

High temperatures during the competition did not prevent Rosario’s San Silvester had a record participation of 600 runners. The race was followed by thousands of residents who went out to the streets of the city to witness the traditional athletic competition that is part of the closure of sporting activities in Salta.

Andrés Zamora from Uruguay won the 24th edition of the San Silvestre Marathon of 15k distance in 48 minutes and 16 seconds.


Race and Duathlon X-terra 2013 in Tegucigalpa

On 8th of December, “the most exciting adventure of Honduras” also called Race and Duathlon X-terra 2013, took place in Tegucigalpa.

This event consisted of an exciting mountain race of 7 and 14 km and Duathlon was consisted of a marathon and biking (MTB and Road) in the long and short version. The competition was held on a hilly terrain, ideal for those hungry for adventure and new sport challenges!

The X-Terra 2013 offered a different way to do sports! Check out the results in Wagaduu!

IV Edition Acuathlon

In their last championship of 2013 our TIMERS from Ecuador JPlay Races they timed the fourth edition of Aquathlon held in the city of Guayaquil.

The participants came from provinces of Manabi, El Oro, Guayas and Santa Elena, among others. It took place at the artificial lake Campus of the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, with distances of 2.5km in Athletics, 1.5km in Swimming and 2.5km in Athletics.

JPlay Races inaugurated timing in this type of discipline, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the organizers!

San Silvester Archena 2013

On the afternoon of December 31st, the traditional San Silvester popular race was held in Murcia, with the participation of 530 runners divided into three categories, of male and female category.

Competition was the first one timed by our new TIMERS in Spain “Ayuntamiento de Archena” and it was a hit!

The race was 6,500 meters long, over a street circuit which was very crowded, especially on Plaza 1 º de Mayo, where the finish line was. This race is growing each year and the proof is in the presence of runners from other municipalities of the region and surrounding cities.


3KM Of Open Waters In Federación

With 104 participants, on 1st of December, 3km of Federación’s Open Water race took place in Lake Salto Grande.

The timing was done entirely by placing equipment in the water, achieving 100% effective results.
This competition is a part of the circuit “Rio Uruguay”, which consists of 4 dates in different locations in the province of Entre Rios, on the river of the same name. All of them are classified with CHIPS system.

Fast Triathlon 2 Orillas

On the beach of Balneario Thompson de Paraná, the first Fast Triathlon in the country was held.

The “Fast Triathlon” is a method that had its beginnings in Brazil, where it became very popular. Comprising of 3 heavy triathlon stages; 300m swim, 5km biking and 1,117 m running. Separated by a 15 minutes break of each other. The winner of each category will be one that in the sum of 3 times stages achieves the best performance.

The event is characterized by a small number of participants who give their best in each stage a very intense and explosive race.

That’s how Parana experienced the first event of this type with participants like Victor Clivio, the Franzini brothers, Bruno Baldini, Anahi Diaz among other no less important. Had 18 participants in elite category, and 31 in amateur, everyone ranked by Cronomet successfully.

Humanitarian 8K in Victoria

With a competitive distance of 8 km, a solidarity run took place in the city of Victoria a to aid the DEBRA Foundation, which provides help to children with the syndrome of “glass skin”.

With support from the City of Victoria, the event attracted more than 100 participants, managing to raise over 25,000 dollars that will be used to help children with this disease. Parallelly, a participatory test of 3 km brought together kids and adults that all gathered around sport for solidarity.

15º Lake Challenge

The Lake Challenge is a non-traditional combined competition, held at Lake Salto Grande.

It includes canoeing + cycling + running for athletes in individual mode and swimming + cycling + boating + running in relay race.

A traditional event held for 15 consecutive years at a paradise beach Las Palmeras, this event marks the summer schedule of activities, gathering a large number of participants and an even greater number of people who follow step by step the performance of this exciting race.

Note that not only the conventional awards (general and categorical) are given, but also cash awards and special prizes for the fastest athlete in each discipline (for both individual and relay race), which required a great presentation of Cronomet for each of the disciplines and get net times of each of the participants.

National Triathlon of 7 Hills in Victoria

Being the 2nd edition of Circuit Entrerriano Triathlon, the Victoria triathlon had 246 participants from across the province of Entre Rios, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Córdoba.

SPRINT distance of the Victoria Triathlon gathered the most renowned triathletes in the area that offered a spectacle at all times on a day when the heat did not stop.

MTB Challenge Doble Cruz de los Milagros

In Santa Ana, with a presence of 60 cyclists, the “Desafio Doble Cruz de Los Milagros” took place.

Two distances, 63 and 30 km, were successfully biked in the vicinity of “la olla”, with spectacular green space overlooking the Parana River. The competition was very tough because of the prevailing heat and constant slopes and hills that are naturally present in the area, yet nothing prevented a successful celebration on wheels.


As part of the provincial party “Oir el Rio” (Hear the River) in Puerto Yerua, the first edition of this event took place already promising continuity. The competition was held over 10km in adventure mode, along the river, on sand, and on rough roads.

“Oir el Rio” is a party that gathers folk groups who gather on the shores of Rio Uruguay to spend a summer night of pure music. This year “Los Nocheros” music band played and attracted more than 40,000 people that enjoyed the event, including the 70 competitors who were the protagonists just a few hours before on the same day.

Last race of the year

This competition had the distinction of being the 99th timed in 2013 by the team of Cronomet, and last race of the year for our TIMERS from Entre Rios, who have made a huge effort and technical and logistical work to cover almost 100 races in a year – large, medium and small – carrying the TIMING to every corner of the province and the country, breaking the paradigm that chip timing is for large events.