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MACSHA’s One4All Was Certified by the Spanish Athletic Federation!

Last week we received great news and another confirmation of how reliable Macsha Timing Systems are! The Royal Spanish Athletics Federation has certified Macsha’s One4All Timing Technology and has listed us among the few certified timing systems manufacturer’s present in Spain.

MACSHA's One4All Was Certified by the Spanish Athletic Federation!


What does this mean?

For Macsha TIMERS in Spain this is another strong selling point, use it! But don’t stop there, Macsha CRONOS put a lot of effort into making you sales process as successful as possible. You can count on us to help you design a beautiful sales proposal and most importantly to back it up with a lot of the important races around the world that have put trust and chosen Macsha as their TIMING technology.

What’s next?

Always moving forward! One of those important events mentioned above is the biggest moto race in the world that takes place in Le Touquet, France this upcoming weekend, 8th & 9th of February. Our team is already there making sure that everything goes perfect on the day of the event and while we’re there we will also certify Macsha systems by the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM).

And then we will take over the world. Yes 🙂 and we will make everybody do sports and live a healthy lifestyle. If you want to join our cause, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!