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Interview with Omar, the organiser of the most important race in Chile!

On 25th of January, 2014, “Conquista Volcán Osorno 2014” one of the most important mountain bike challenges in Chile took place around the Osorno volcano. We had the pleasure of interviewing Omar Hernández Alejandro Aichele, the CEO of CVO.

Find out what is necessary for impeccable timing of a race this important and how to make it memorable for the participants!

Omar, what would you say makes Conquista Volcán Osorno the most important race in Chile?

It makes it the most important one because it is considered by the participants as:

  • THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, for its breathtaking landscapes, tourism  symbols of Chile. Such as the Osorno Volcano, Lake Todos los Santos, Lake Llanquihue, Pétrohué, River Petrohué, Los Saltos del Petrohué, the mountain range of Santo Domingo, the view towards Monte Tronador and Cerro La Picada.
  • THE MOST DEMANDING, the race covers 77 kilometers along the Osorno volcano and altimetry of 1,791 m.
  • THE MOST PREFERRED, for high quality organization in every sense, technology, supplies, circuit demarcation and 100% ecological awareness. This is demonstrated on the basis that in 2004 CVO began with only 44 participants and in recent years we have around 1,000 participants.

Could you tell us which technology was necessary for this important event to pass flawlessly?

The technology used for the second consecutive year for the timing of  CVO, was provided by MACSHA, One4all Systems, M-tags Mt-Bikeplate. Floor antennas, and lateral antennas for the finish line.

This year’s event was special, you integrated with social media! Could you explain a bit how that worked for you and what benefits it brought to your event?

Using this service for the first time, positioned CVO at the forefront of social networks integration with races. Having the participants’ results immediately sent to their Facebook profile was definitely a big contribution to the race experience. Friends of bikers could find out in real time about the great effort spent during the race, see their photos during the event, thanks to the promoters circulating with tablets, taking pictures and interacted with the participants. Definitely a service worth using.

In the following video you can see how integrating the race with social networks works:

If you could give advice to Timers around the world, what would you say is necessary to be successful in this business?

To be successful in this business is to have good customers, good sponsors, and to be environmentally friendly. But, the best advice I can give based on my experience is: Get the best TIMING systems, MACSHA! Visit them, meet their founders in their headquarters in Buenos Aires (Barcelona, Mexico City or Santiago de Chile). They are simple, passionate entrepreneurs with great dedication to their work. Together with a team of TIMERS, those who were at the event, under the summer sun giving all their strength so that every mountain biker feels like a Conqueror of the Osorno Volcano! And at the end of the event they say; THANK YOU, it was worth traveling to Patagonia to enjoy CVO!

A sports hug,


Thank you very much Omar from the whole MACSHA team! If you have any comments or questions for Omar or us, let us know on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest!