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Timers in Action, March 2014!

EVENT: Enduropale – L’ Enduro du Touquet
DATE: 8 – 9 February 2014

Le Touquet by Macca (Our Timing Expert)

It really has been one of the hardest events in which I have been fortunate to participate. Not only the cold and the rain made working 4 days on the beach more complicated, but to these climatic conditions we also must add the wind gusts that reached the speed of 100 Km/h just before the departure of the Enduropale (Main Event).

It has been an experience of Extreme Timing, but thanks to the expertise of the team of experienced Timers and, of course, MACSHA technology used for timing, we could solve and provide great timing service to the biggest motorcycle race in the World! The result? 100% effective in timing over 2,000 pilots.

From the technical point of view, for this complex task we used 2 One4All UL systems and 1 One4All ES System with a total of 6 Side Antennas (SA) and 6 Aereal Antennas (AA). The distribution was as follows: 3 SA on the side of the arc of arrival, 3 other SA on the other side of the arc and 6 AA over the bar of the arc. The connection of the antennas with One4All was distributed: 3 SA + 1 AA with one UL System, the other 3 SA + 1 AA with the second UL System and finally the remaining 4 AA bar with the ES System.

In 2015 we will be the ones to time Enduropale – L’ Enduro du Touquet again, hope to see you there!

DATE: 22 y 23 de Febrero.
COUNTRY: Argentina

MACSHA was timing the Guiness Record!

The Enduro del Verano, the most impressive race of the American continent, came back to the beaches of Villa Gesell. It was the 21st edition of a true classic that gathers motorcycle and quad riders around the globe. The city enjoyed for three days full of adrenaline, vertigo and speed, combined in a pure and natural environment, surrounded by sandy shores and the Atlantic Ocean.

Over 1090 officially registered participants toured the dunes of Villa Gesell on 22 and 23 February. The EDV 2014 was a success, over 105,000 people attended to make it the world’s largest race! The EDV became the world’s largest ATV race with over 575 annotated quads confirmed officially by the Guiness World Record.

Overview of Enduro del Verano (EDV) by CHONIK (Our Timing Expert)

The preparations were very hard because the weather did not accompany us. But on the day of the competition, the weather was at its best.

We had planned the Finished line with 3 One4all systems of which 1 was UL.
The arrangement of the antennas on the finish line was:
1 – The One4all UL was communicating with 4 Aereal Antennas (AA) located on the top of the arc of arrival, and both One4all XL systems communicating to 2 Side Antennas (SA) plus 2 Aereal Antennas (AA). We distributed it this way so that the XL could function at the same speed as the UL resulting in 100% effectiveness.

2 – The bikes and quads had three chips (MT_Motors) on the side and in the front number holder)

3 – We’ve put a checkpoint at a strategic point of the course to take control of any vehicle that would cut the way. This allowed the organizer precise control of all participants. The equipment used was a One4all Aereal XL with 4 Antennas (AA) and 2 Side Antennas (SA)

DATE: 7, 8, 9 of Ferbruary 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina


The Roc de Los Andes successfully closed its first presentation in Argentina and it was very well received by the bikers on a great weekend.

The climate and the public accompanied the last day of the Mountain Bike event; country’s most important one to be held in San Martin de Los Andes. The event was centered in the Base del Cerro Chapelco, complex that lent the ways of their Bike Park for several races planned for the event.

The Roc de Los Andes united seven Mountain Bike disciplines, with varying levels of difficulty and demand. Over 600 registrants participated the event.

Click here for results!


DATE: 9/02/2014
COUNTRY: Argentina


The Desert Marathon in Pinamar and Villa Gesell is the pioneer race and a running adventure in Argentina with 14 consecutive years of successful editions and with more participants each time broker does. It is one of the most recognized race of the Atlantic Coast in season summer.

Results in Wagaduu!

EVENT: The Ein Gedi Experience
DATE: 7-8 February, 2014

The Ein Gedi Experience

The Ein Gedi Experience – Half Marathon and the Masada Run took place at the lowest point on earth and happened over the same weekend – 7-8 February, 2014!

The International Ein Gedi race in memory of Giora and Tomer Ron attracted international and local athletes, drawn by the unique combination of breathtaking views, sporting atmosphere and the altitude – the lowest place on earth. In addition to the Half Marathon, there was also a 10 km walk and run and a 2km race for children.

The Masada Race, a 2.5 km rocky path that climbs the 300m ascent up to the top of Masada ending with 750 steep stone steps, also took place during the weekend. The Masada Run is Israel’s answer to challenging races such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State building run-up and the Mount Fuji Mountain Race- but here the destination is a 2,000 year old desert fortress.

EVENT: 5º Etapa Circuito Aguas Abiertas Copa Omar Nato Ledezma y Teresita Newton
DATE: 14 of February 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

5º Etapa Circuito Aguas Abiertas Copa Omar Nato Ledezma y Teresita Newton

On a beautiful evening that the city of Chascomús gave us, the 5º Etapa Circuito Aguas Abiertas Copa Omar Nato Ledezma y Teresita Newton took place.

With over 250 participants, two competitions were held. Around 14:00, the long distance race of 750m of the lagoon began. When completed,  3500m race timed by Line Up with MACSHA chips.

The race was timed with MACSHA Software that allowed us to deliver the results of both complete race and their subcategories in a timely manner with a 100% effectiveness in data collection. The configuration used was 2 side antennas.

EVENT: Carrera Universitaria “Soy Universitario por Siempre”
DATE: 23 February 2014

Carrera Universitaria “Soy Universitario por Siempre”

With a turnout of over 1200 runners in a sports and family atmosphere at the Autonomous University of Querétaro for the third consecutive year, the University Career “I am a Student Forever” was held, organized by the Board of this University.

3rd UAQ Race was timed by ENTUSMARCAS. MT-NUMBER used.

EVENT: Desafio del Verano
DATE: 2 February 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

Desafio del Verano

Summer Challenge is a 10K marathon with over 400 runners, that was held in Villa Carlos Paz. 10k and 3k distances were ran. The event was organized by Mission DxT. MT-SHOE chips were used with great success.


EVENT: Uritorco Night Run
DATE: 22 February 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

Uritorco Night Run

On Saturday, February 22, the first edition of “Uritorco Night Run” was held. A Mountain Marathon of 18K and 7K organized jointly by the Mission DXT and the municipality of Capilla del Monte. Due to bad weather the route had to be changed. The same chip, MT-ANKLE was used with great success. A unique and unforgettable experience with all the energy of Uritorco.

EVENT: Tria Olimpico de Colon
DATE: 9 February 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina


Al norte de la provincia de Buenos Aires, en la ciudad de Colón, el 9 de Febrero se llevó a cabo el Triatlon Olimpico de Colon, con la presencia de 234 participantes. To the north of the province of Buenos Aires, in the city of Columbus, on the 9th of February 9 Triathlon Olimpico de Colon, in the presence of 234 participants was held.

The city of Columbus has a 36-hectare artificial lake guarded by a huge lighthouse, near which the competition was held.

Although it rained just until a few hours before the race started and that part of the circuit was flooded by the overflow of the lake, everything went good.

The male winner was the Aryan neuquino De Elias, while women were Noelia Fernandez Cruz (Buenos Aires).

EVENT: Anniversary Race in Villa Urquiza
DATE: 15 February 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina


The Anniversary Race is a totally different adventure competition than any other: it took place one night in Villa Urquiza, a small town on the coast of the Paraná River.

600 athletes were running between 21 and 10 km.

A magical night race that included mud, water, roads, forests and even a cemetery.

Undoubtedly the mysteries of the forest and the night made this race spectacular and fun from start to finish.

Por las condiciones del circuito (los participantes debían pasar por agua, barro, atravesar vegetación, obstáculos artificiales y naturales) se utilizaron tobilleras con chips. ¿El resultado? Un evento inolvidable que quedará en la memoria de todos los competidores, y del cual Cronomet fue parte. For circuit conditions (participants had to pass through water, mud, through vegetation, artificial and natural barriers). MT-Ankle chips were used. The result? An unforgettable event that will be remembered by all the competitors, which Cronomet had the pleasure to time.

After the race: awards, party and dance.

EVENT: Triatlón Nacional del Lago en Federación
DATE: 16 February 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina


On February 16 a new edition of Triatlón Nacional del Lago with olympic distance and sprint distance took place, drawing over 150 triathletes.

Circuit Entrerriano Triathlon is one of the oldest in the country. Great athletes of national and international success had ran it over the years. In this 2013/2014 season, Entrerriana Triathlon Association (AET) hired Cronomet for timing and classification of 7 rounds, each in a different city in the province of Entre Rios.

EVENT:2º Desafio Toropi en Bella Vista
DATE: 22 February 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina


The 2º Desafío Toropí is a Bike Rally competition which is the threshold of Correntino MTB Championships which takes place throughout the year 2014, starting in March and ending in November, in different cities of the province of Corrientes.

So it is for the second consecutive year, the Association “MTB Bella Vista” performed with great success and excellent call this “pre-season” race which serves many riders to measure their performance and make the necessary “adjustments” before the competitive tournament of correntino mtb.

With spectacular landscapes, the city of Bella Vista received 190 bikers who dared on the circuit all types of irregularities: from mud, to sand, rural roads, natural slopes, rock formations, roads among lush vegetation, etc, but always surrounded with the beautiful river of Paraná.

The Correntino MTB Championship is without a doubt one of the most important in the country, despite its limited distribution outside of northern Argentina. The expectation for 2014 it is huge. For the second year, we entrusted Cronomet for the timing and classification of the whole project: 11 rounds will be spread throughout the province of Corrientes. In 2013, a total of more than 1800 bikers will come across those 9 dates, mostly from Corrientes, and to a lesser extent Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. We estimated this year, to be convened not less than 250 cyclists by date.