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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Installing The Side Antennas

Installing the antennas the right way plays a big part in impeccable timing. In order to get 100% efficiency in readings it’s very important to install the antennas correctly, especially the lateral antennas which have a very wide reach of readings. Apart from that, we’ve noticed it’s always the main topic our timers comment and talk about in our Macsha Timers group, so we’ve decided to write a blog post with a few tips on how to do it right.


1. To place the side antennas correctly, it’s best to use a tripod that stretches up to 2 meters.

2. Always point the side antenna side towards where the chip is placed.

For example, for a bicycle race, where the chip (MT-Ankle) is quite low, placed on the fork of the bike, you should place the side antennas low, just like in the following photo:

Antenas Laterales 1

In the case of a running race, where runners carry the chip in the bib on their chests, side antennas should be installed higher, as in the photo below:

Antenas Laterales 2

It is important to level correctly the antenna, according to where the chip is placed.

3. Side and floor antennas

In a bicycle race, where the readings have to be very precise, you should install the side antennas in the same line as the floor antennas. Same goes for a running race where the chip goes in the shoe or on the ankle.

In a race where the runners are running with the chip on their chest, it is desirable that the side antennas are two meters further back from the floor antennas. That way we could read the times right when the runners step on the finish line and not before.

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