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Timers in Action, July 2014!

EVENT: Marathon “Bienestar en Acción 2014”
DATE: 8 June 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

10410139_10203871224444168_2543576135201659177_n On Sunday, June 8th, we were in the city of Resistencia, Chaco Province, Argentina. We were timing a 10k competition where more than 500 runners participated. For timing we used two One4All systems connected to 4 side and 5 floor antennas. 10446347_10203871223564146_7024171415045900523_n This time we had the opportunity to do a premiere of the new generation of floor antennas, having a 100% success rate in the readings. 10366300_10203871223164136_4431062798957600363_nResults in Wagaduu!

EVENT: Campeonato de Hipismo completo
DATE: 8 June 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

On 8th of June, a new edition of Campeonato de Hipismo at Campo de Mayo was held. For timing we have used two One4All systems with two side antennas each. One One4All was installed at the start and one at the finish. For data collection we have used MACSHA MX CV and for online publication Kiosks Race Check was used. MT-ANKLE chips were used and we placed them in the muzzle of the horse. 10433781_657914310968366_4472089998792116470_n10492255_657913134301817_1890598569810043682_n10486146_657914550968342_8782446631520841542_n

EVENT: “San Martín corre 8k”
DATE: 22 June 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

On Sunday, June 22nd, a new edition of the marathon “San Martin runs 8k”, with the support of the Municipality and for the benefit of Thompson and Belgrano hospitals was held. 1623750_659038787522585_7066691224073087667_n

The race began at 10 am in the Yrigoyen Park (25 de Mayo and Gral. Paz), which was the place of departure and arrival. There were three categories: 8K competitive, participatory 4K and 1K for kids.


MACSHA team was present in the city of San Martin performing the timing. We used one XL team with 6-meter of floor antennas and two side antennas.


The chips used were MT-SHOE. The marathon was organized as part of the campaign to eradicate polio in the world of Rotary International, an organization that provides global humanitarian-services under the slogan “Ciao Polio Now”.

Results in Wagaduu!


EVENT: 8va. Etapa AAU-Sauce BBC 2014
DATE: 15 June 2014
COUNTRY: Uruguay

Place: Ciudad de Sauce Department of Canelones.
TIMER: Edgardo Ramos Verde – president of AAU.
Number of participants: 1200

3 1

EVENT: 9na. Etapa AAU- E.N.P 2014
DATE: 29 June 2014
COUNTRY: Uruguay

Place: Montevideo Department of Montevideo.
TIMER: Edgardo Ramos Verde – presidente de la AAU.
Number of participants: 1000

1 timecontrol_timers_cabezales2013

EVENT: 10° Maraton Ciudad de San Francisco Córdoba
DATE: 7 June 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

The event we had was held in the City of San Francisco Cordoba in the Plaza Civica in street 25 de Mayo and Libertador at 15:30 pm with over 300 runners on a beautiful day.

g-4_455 To time it we used MT-SHOE chip, floor antennas and side antennas having very good results. We had a little problem, we had only one power line for everything; the sound which was big, for the part of photography that were two machines and a part for journalists apart from our timing systems. g-1_505 When we wanted to print out the results while the runners were still coming, laser printer did not work as we did not have power for it, it was very low and did not work, so a fast solution was to write the results on paper. We managed to deliver the results before the last runner finished, so the organizer did not even notice. After the awards ceremony was over, we told him what happened, so he knows for the next event. I pointed out that if will have laser printers, he should take this into account as it is the second time the same thing happened to me. I assumed that could happen when I saw all that was powered from one line of power supply, so I took it calmly. I hope you’ll find it useful, and if it happens to you, do not worry, take it easy and write the results on a sheet of paper. bahia_cabezales20131

EVENT: El Diario de La Pampa
DATE: 1 June 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

On June 1st in Santa Rosa – Province of La Pampa, EL DIARIO de LA PAMPA was organized, where two distances of 7 km. and 14 km. were ran by 560 runners enrolled. We used branded MT Shoe, 1-line of 4 meters of floor antennas, connected to one One4All and 4 side antennas (2 on each side) connected to the second One4All. As it’s been happening for a while now, we had 100% of readings. 3 readings were entered manually, because the runner had broken the chip while inserting it into the laces. This competition classified for the second consecutive year.


EVENT: Las 2 Leguas
DATE: 8 June 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

On 8th of June at Villa Iris – Province of Buenos Aires, the race called “Las 2 Leguas” (attached photo of a check at the end of the competition, and a photo of the staff of BAHIA CORRE, front and reverse). The race is ran in two leagues, in a distance of 10 km, with 500 enrolled. This time we used MT Ankle as they were running through the field, cross country kind of. We used 1 line of 5 meters of floor antennas, connected to 1 One4All, and 4 side antennas (2 on each side) connected to a second One4All. We also contributed with our Start and Finish line metal frame, plus 2 watches, and it was also successful with 100% result in readings. LAS 2 LEGUAS We’ve been timing this competition for the third consecutive year. It is very famous, because there is a tremendous barbecue for runners and guests, and of course for MACSHA Timers, so you are all invited to the 2015 edition. BAHIA CORRE FRENTE BAHIA CORRE REVERSA nortsport_timers_cabezales2013

EVENT: I Trail Camiños do Trega
DATE: 29 June 2014

A total of 165 runners challenged themselves with the 15 km of the I Trail Camiños do Trega organized by the municipality of A Guarda. The overall winner was the Portuguese Ultra Marathon Runner Carlos Sa with a time of 1:04:41. In the women category, Conchi Adrover from A Guarda was the first classified with a time of 1:27:42. 1 2 lineup_cabezales2013

DATE: 8 June 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina
DISCIPLINE: Roller Fitness

On a beautiful sunny Sunday, 2nd edition of R8 WINTER was held. Early on, the Organization prepared everything necessary at the Sports Center Falkland Islands of Escobar for runners to enjoy a great Sports and Family day. This time Line Up, accompanied the R8 Events organizer along all the steps which involved the organization and the execution of the event. TIMING and RANKINGS: The equipment used for timing was 1 One4All system of MACSHA CHRONOS, 4 floor antennas and 2 side antennas. In a tight race schedule, 10 races were classified with the corresponding subcategories within each one and the complete results were given 20 minutes after the last race finished. 1 cronomet_cabezales20131

Cronomet: June of pure timing!

COUNTRY: Argentina

Undoubtedly, a monthly calendar full of races is a standard for Cronomet. In this regard, in the month of June, we covered eight competencies in different parts of the province of Entre Rios and Corrientes.


For us whenever a new month starts, a new stage to improve begins. We are always looking to add new skills and to outnumber events of the previous month. Obviously, it’s not always the case, but we maintain the average of 8-10 races per month.

One of our premisses is “to merge” events, which consists of looking for races  that are geographically close to one another in order to optimize travel times and in turn, distribute the mobility costs among several organizers, ensuring always the best price when hiring our timing service.

Below, we briefly review the 8 events we timed during June.

What better way to spend the labor day than working. On 1st of June we had to cover two events: first went to the city of Concepción del Uruguay to cover a road race of 8 km for the University of Concepción del Uruguay.


It attracted more than 150 participants. The epicenter of the event was the site of the University which was commemorating the anniversary of the creation of the faculty of journalism  at the university with this competition.

Almost simultaneously, another team of Cronomet moved to Piedras Blancas, a small coastal town to time the Anniversary Race, Adventure in Las Canteras. With three distances: 42, 28 and 15km, the Anniversary Race gathered 600 adventurers who challenged the mud, the most extreme conditions and breathtaking scenery. The activity began very early at 7am, 42 km for about 100 brave participants. Afterwards, the 28 and 15 km.

The races of the “Anniversary Race” series organized by “Nuestro Rumbo” are without a doubt the most conveners in the province of Entre Ríos, and the most anticipated by the participants. Packed with fun, magic, surprises and challenges, ensuring an unmatched and unforgettable experience for the competitor.

foto-2 foto-3 foto-4 foto-5

Continuing with our June events, on Saturday, June 8th, we moved to St. Lucia (Corrientes Province) to time the 4th edition of Correntino MTB Championships. The “Punta del Rubio” complex was the scene on the shores of the River Paraná where the competition was held.

The event was held with great success, attended by 190 cyclists and a massive barbecue for the closing and awards date. The landscape and the circuit was excellent: sunny, with rural roads, wetlands, slopes, abundant vegetation, fast sections and other highly technical.

foto-6 foto-7 foto-8 foto-9

In parallel, two other timing systems were installed in Crespo, to time the 1st edition of Circuit Entrerriano of Duathlon, one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in the country. In this race over a “sprint” distance began the opening of the 2014 duathlon calendar in Entre Rios. In Crespo, as in the remaining 4 dates, the times are measured in the transition area and on arrival. In this way, participants have accurate times for each of the disciplines in the competition.

foto-10 foto-11 foto-12

Continuing with the June calendar, on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th we had two athletic events to time: on Saturday in Paraná we did the classification of the “10 KM MARATON DE LA CIUDAD”, integral race of the provincial road running calendar.  120 athletes of all ages participated.


In this competition, we have taken advantage to showcase our brand new timing clock MACSHA CLK, without doubt, by the end of the year, it will be seen in thousands of photos of athletes arriving to the finish line.


To continue, on Sunday we moved to San Jose, to perform the timing of the 3° Maratón Bomberos Voluntarios San José race, an event designed to raise funds to purchase the equipment and help sustain the fire department.

With a very good convocation on a sunny day – although very cold at times – San José Volunteer Firefighters made their 10 and 5 km race.


It should be noted, that it is the first time that this competition has been classified using a Chip System; the authorities of the volunteer firefighters were amazed by the speed with which we deliver results!

We continue to the marathon for the 100 Years of the Newspaper El Heraldo, that was held in Concordia on the holiday of June 20th, the Argentine Flag Day.


This race was carried out as a festival of the centenary of the traditional newspaper of Concordia, it counted with 250 athletes and was a success. The mayor of the city, along with the authorities of the newspaper, were responsible for providing the initial “kick off” of the competition, and then received each and every one of the participants at the finish line.

And we finished June with the 3rdEdition of the Campeonato Concordiense de MTB, held at the Autodrome of Concordia. The circuit, set in a forest of stately trees offers an ideal place for this type of races.


Cyclists had to do 3, 4 and 5 laps according to their category. The classification was made with success, and to achieve that, it was controlled lap by lap. Then, the results were delivered with net lap time, which is useful for participants to measure their performance and then compare it with other runners in the same category.

Cronomet completed a month of pure timing, travelling kilometers and kilometers to bring the timing to all geographical corners where organizers require a timing service of high added value. Value on which we work every day and we offer at all events, no matter how small.

mc2action_cabezales On June 28th we attended two events held on the island of Lanzarote; “HTT Cup of Mountain races” and “TRIACE Triathlon”

DATE:  28 June 2014

We are official timers of all the Cup. We installed control points at the finish line and at one intermediate point using 3G for the two modalities, the Cup and Open. Finish line with 2 meters of floor antennas with back up and side antennas. The same set up at the intermediate point. Management and publishing of results, live timing of passes through the intermediate point and the Finish line. All without problems! 10488098_938672876150280_4697401964157993299_n

DATE:  28 June 2014

Tri sprint mode, built-in the Canary Islands Triathlon circuit where apart from timing the event we ran the technical direction of the event. Two checkpoints, one at the swim start and one at the running start, taking net swim time, T1+ bike +T2, net time of the race. We also provided live timing with our software. 3G connection points with 1 meter + back up + side antennas and at the finish line 2 meters + back up + side antennas. 10509657_938672866150281_6925591072433122789_n ticktocktiming

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Another days racing this time in the North of UK. Great weather and a very fast circuit.


Second race of the daytime for the Ladies.


A good day of mountain bike racing in Bordon UK.


Road relay race this morning and the roadies are using the matts.


A great day of MTB timing in the sun.

10516645_808642429148726_8987949831969041889_n10487531_808642409148728_1850045180508306278_n10489814_808642329148736_5754266105323593887_n patagonia_cabezales

DATE:  21 y 22 de junio de 2014
COUNTRY: Argentina

Hello timers. The weekend of 21st and 22nd of June, we timed the 4th edition of MX PATAGONICO, in the town of Catriel. We used 1 Onell4All system, with 3 aerial and 2 side antennas mounted onto a 3.4 meters high and 8 meters wide installation for a circuit of 1750 m length. We timed the classification for winner of Saturday’s race and 2 different departure points per category on Sunday’s races. We used 3 chips MT-Motor per bike, readings were 100% in both classification as well as the race. There were 11 categories and about 75 motorcycles competed.

10351011_10203257417908196_4897129987220524901_n10418335_10203257417268180_5776701896077402612_n10458429_10203257416628164_821604929710017747_n10485444_10203257416748167_514110419837252458_n10435416_10203257416708166_2959823589480002267_n   evedeport_cabezales2013

DATE: 8 June 2014

Charity race near Toledo. We used 1 line with 2 side antennas and one line of 3 double floor antennas, then afterwards 2 side antennas with 3 m of floor antennas. 100% readings with numerous groups and chip in the bibs.