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Macsha presents: MT-Ankle Premium!

In Macsha we are addicted to constant and never ending improvement of our products and services. Working very closely with our Timers makes it possible to know what would make them even happier 🙂

We decided it was time to make the premium version of the most efficient chip globally; MT-Ankle. Dear timers, meet the MT-Ankle Premium:

2014-08-01 13.07.482014-08-01 13.40.54 2014-08-01 13.40.38 2014-08-01 13.40.25

We used MT-Ankle Premium for the first time last weekend for the XIX Travesia de Cullera, an open water swimming race that was timed by our timer from Valencia, TopRun.

The event was a success with 100% of readings. The participants loved it too! The ones that we talked to during the event said they didn’t even notice they had it! They liked the design and thought it is very easy to put on and take off. Comfortable having it too.

2014-08-03 09.52.08

MT-Ankle Premium is already a star. We recommend you try it out as soon as possible! 😉 It is suitable for the timing of any race, but it’s a must have in the races with challenging conditions such as water, mud, etc.

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