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New Innovation: Long Distance Wi-Fi System

In Macsha we like to innovate and experiment. Today we bring you a novelty much anticipated by most of you. Many times we encountered ourselves with the difficulty of connecting two or more One4All systems that are a considerably far away from one another. So far 3G or Wi-Fi connection was used.

Therefore, we decided to develop a new communication system that works without having an internet connection.

Antena Parabólica

It is a long distance Wi-Fi system, which consists of a satellite dish and a USB network card to connect to the PC on one side. And a high power router (3000mw) to connect to another PC or One4All on the other side.

After doing some tests, including the one of 1200 meters distance, the results have been excellent.

There are still some issues to be resolved, but soon will be able to enjoy this new breakthrough.

We will keep you posted!