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Timers in Action, October 2014!


EVENT: La Maratón del Becario
DATE: 06/09/2014

El Instituto Becario is a public entity of the province of Entre Ríos, which promotes education in youth, assists with scholarships, workshops, career counseling, training, etc.

On September 6, the second edition of “La Maratón del Becario” took place in Parana in the distances of 8km, 4km and 2km for all competitive delegations.

For the timing, chips placed on the side where used, this significantly streamlined the kits’ delivery process and thanks to its easy use, the timing was impeccable.


For measuring time, a station was deployed in the beginning/finish line, and also a station at a point in the 8km race.


The particularity of this event was the 4km distance for delegations. This was also measured with chips, but the Instituto posed the following problem:

“The 4km race is destined exclusively for students, and in turn it is necessary to identify them by delegation. Then, depending on the amount of students that finish the race in a determined time, the 3 winning delegations will be selected.”


Note that the delivery and allocation of numbers and chips had to be made through a delegate that represented each group, so to assign a number to each participant, and then distribute in an agile manner based on a number chart created by us would only cause problems. Note that each delegation was variable in number of participants and the allocation of these would be on the day of the event, shortly before the start. This, plus the fact that we had to carry on with the awarding in the 8km distance, posed a challenge.


In this way, and aware of the need to expedite this aspect, and at the same time have a correct database, we found a solution:

We didn’t identify any data corresponding to any student in any delegation. Simply, we just asked the delegate how many participants were in their group. Based on this data, we handed out as many numbers as there were participants in each group. Leaving the delegate with the total freedom of their distribution (i.e. he gave each participant whatever number). Then, in our database, we assigned the whole lot of numbers given to the delegate to the participant “Delegation XXX”, repeating said participant as many times as necessary according to the amount of numbers given to the delegation.

Then, as soon as the participants started arriving at the finish line, we were able to easily determine how many participants had arrived inside the “cap” set by the organization. This way we knew the winning delegation, as well as the 2nd and 3rd place.

This way, the event was a real celebration, with record results, music groups and important raffles.

EVENT: 7º Campeonato Correntino de MTB
DATE: 07/09/2014

The city of Mercedes (Corrientes) hosted the seventh of 10 dates for the Campeonato Correntino de MTB.


With chips placed on the ankles of cyclists and a station on arrival (which coincided with the area where they achieved a certain number of rounds), the event was timed with total success.

About 140 cyclists from across the province of Corrientes attended the event.

Participants had to complete 4, 3, or 2 turns depending on their category. After the event, the results were delivered to the organizer with the detail of net time round by round.

EVENT: Maratón General Galarza
DATE: 07/09/2014

With 70 participants, this little event from the interior between rivers of the country, took place with the distances of 10km and 5km, both measured by chips.


The awards were given almost in real time, as the organizer obtained the results almost at the moment of the arrival of the runners.

EVENT: The Run Woman Adventure
DATE: 13/09/2014

This event was exclusively for adventurous women.


It was held on 4 and 8km at the entrance park to the airport of the city of Concordia.

With mud, dirt, sand, water and lush vegetation, the participants had to undergo all sorts of obstacles, so they ended up covered in mud from head to toe. Because of the circuit conditions, we used mt-ankle chips, and they worked perfectly.

EVENT: 3rd Maratón Bovril en Movimiento
DATE: 13/09/2014

10km road race, with rain. This did not stop the more than 100 athletes to live an event with excellent organization.

The chips used were mt-shoe, which despite getting wet, worked wonderfully.


EVENT: Duatlón Internacional de la Paz
DATE: 14/09/2014

On September 14, took place a new edition of the Duatlón Internacional de La Paz in the port of La Paz. Torrential rains when the race started, the event had to be postponed a little due to the danger of biking with all the water in the streets.


Once the rain dwindled, the event took off and elapsed normally.

EVENT: Maratón Solidaria Farmar
DATE: 20/09/2014

The event organized by Farmar pharmaceutical network and the multinational P&G was held on the waterfront city of Corrientes with over 700 participants distributed at distances of 10km (timed), 5km (timed) and 3km (untimed preparatory).


The finish was carried out over a wooden ramp covered in carpets. To avoid tripping, the floor antennas were place under the ramp, complemented with two side antennas on the sides of the ramp. 100% accuracy in results!


Fact: the inscription for the race was free, however, all participants had to hand in a pack of Pampers diapers in exchange for their registration. Over 1.000 diapers were collected. Then P&G doubled the donation and all the diapers were donated to “Caritas” for distribution.


EVENT: XV Maratón Binacional
DATE: 21/09/2014

Only certified marathon (42,195km) of the Argentine coast. Also it included a 21km (also certified) and 8km. The three were timed with dorsal chips and involved 500 participants spread over the three distances.


The main distance (42km) is the reason that the event has earned the name “Bi”, since its circuit involves a part of the journey that takes place in the city of Salto (Oriental Republic of Uruguay) and another takes place in the city of Concordia (Entre Ríos province, Argentina).


The union of the two countries is done by a stretch on the bridge of the Salto Grande Dam on their way through the majestic 33,000-acre lake.


EVENT: Maratón de la Salud
DATE: 21/09/2014

120 participants took part in the Maratón de la Salud. Competition that took place in the small town of  Libertador San Martín in the province of Entre Ríos.


The competition had 10km and 5km. The event was timed using mt-shoe chips.

All the proceeds from the inscription of this event were donated to the local hospital.

EVENT: Duatlón Rural Federación
DATE: 27/09/2014

On September 27, we moved to the rural Federation to cover a relay duathlon and an individual mode.


Mt-ankle chips were used, and the different disciplines were divided: hiking, cycling and hiking again. A team was assembled at the start/finish line, and another on arrival.

EVENT: II Maratón Iglesia del Carmen
DATE: 27/09/2014

This event was held in Paraná on the distance of 5km. A quick and explosive race that was defined in the last second.

120 athletes participated, taking two laps around the 2.5km track.


EVENT: Campeonato Argentino de Duatlón Sprint
DATE: 28/09/2014

On the 28th of September a team from Cronomet went to Resistencia (Chaco) to cover the Campeonato Argentino de Duatlón distancia SPRINT.


In each category, this event awarded the title of “Campeón Argentino de Duatlón Sprint”, for this reason, there were participants from all over Argentina.The Sprint Duathlon develops on 5km on foot, 20km on bike, and 2.5 on foot.

Members of the team from Entre Ríos filled all the podiums (note that our province usually has the best duathletes and triathletes in the country).

The event was held in Resistencia’s racetrack, using two teams for timing: one for the partial closed park, and another at the finish line for the total time.

EVENT: Anniversary Race Origenes
DATE: 28/09/2014

Anniversary Race races are pure adventure and fun. Dirt, dirt and more dirt! All the races take place in paradisiac locations in the province of Entre Ríos.


On this occasion we had 500 participants and several modes: individual Cross Country (10km), individual Duathlon, Duathlon in pairs, and relay Duathlon.


For this “extreme” event we used mt-ankle chips that endured all conditions and yielded excellent results. For the duathlon, we used the same arc for start and finish, for this reason, only one timing equipment was used.

To end the event, we had the award ceremony, music, beers, dancing and raffles.


Para finalizar el evento, premiación, música, cerveza, baile y sorteos.


EVENT: X Tierra Trail Running
DATE: 06/09/2014

A mountain marathon, X TIERRA TRAIL RUNNING, in the city of Valle Hermosos, Córdoba had almost 300 runners in all distances. We used mt-ankle chips and recuperated them. We also used 4 antennas, two floors and two sides.

EVENT: Río Tercero Chau Polio
DATE: 13/09/2014

Street marathon in Río Tercero Chau Polio had over a hundred participants. We used mt-shoe chips and two lines of four floor antennas.

EVENT: Desafio al Mastil
DATE: 14/09/2014

The mountain marathon, Desafio al Mastil, took place in la Ciudad de los Cocos, Córdoba and it had around 200 participants. We used mt-ankle chips and recuperated them and at the finish line we used two 4m lines of floor antennas.

EVENT: Duatlón en Ordoñez
DATE: 14/09/2014

Long distance duathlon in Ordoñez, this event was part of the Cordoba circuit calendar. We had over 50 runners on a terrible day with a lot of wind and rain. We used mt-ankle chips and recuperated them. For partial timing we used 3 flood antennas and a standing one, and at the finish line we used one floor antenna and one standing.

EVENT: Maratón de calle Chevrolet Maipú
DATE: 20/09/2014

This event had around 500 runners, for this we used dorsal chips with a very good acceptance. We used 4m of floor antennas, and two standing antennas.

EVENT: Desafio de las Nubes 2014
DATE: 21/09/2014

This event took place on San Clemente Estancia La Granadilla with over 200 runners. We used mt-ankle chips and recovered all of them. At the finish line we only used two standing antennas.

EVENT: Maratón 21k en Rafaela
DATE: 28/09/2014

There were more than 600 runners. We did pitch control at km 6 and helped Laptime timers.

EVENT: Maratón Instituto Médico Río Cuarto
DATE: 28/09/2014

Almost 500 participants, we used mt-shoe chips and at the finish line we had four floor antennas and 2 side ones.


EVENT: Maratón Bomberos Voluntarios
DATE: 06/09/2014

This event took place in Termas de Río Hondo with 500 participants. We used MT_number chips and the timing with a one 4 all XL. Program used: MX CV.

EVENT: DUA Solidario
DATE: 09/09/2014

by Macca

After nearly 6 months off the court, I had the honor of sharing this weekend’s timing at DUA Solidario in Villa Gesell, with the great Walter Kurtz. Neither the rain, nor cold, nor wind, nor the fever and sore throat could prevent the successful timing of the event, which had more than 200 duathletes with 0% of error.



– At the finish line we used: 1 One4All + 3 floor antennas 2015 + 1 Side antenna
– For the closed park: 1 One4All + 2 floor antennas 2015 + 1 Side antenna
– The athletes used mt-ankle chips placed on either their left or right ankle, although it is preferable that the chips be placed on the same side we placed the side antennas at the finish.
– The software Macsha Datos was used and we received data from both systems (closed park and finish line). We used 1 router and 1 access point.


The following results were delivered instantly:

– Female and male winners from all stages: RUN 1, BIKE, RUN 2.
– General winners, female and male
– Category winners, individual, relay, and special


In truth, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the new floor antennas! A low concentration of metal in its structure and removing the metal ramps significantly increased efficiency of the antenna.

Congrats to the technical crew!

EVENT: Maratón Ciudad de Merlo
DATE: 14/09/2014

The Maratón Ciudad de Merlo took place in the province of Buenos Aires. In it participated 1000 runners. We did the runners check with Cronobit, and chip check. On the day of the race, under the rain, we used two equipments one4All, an 8m line with one equipment and 4 side antennas connected to the other. The program used for the classification was MX CV.

EVENT: Media Maratón de Iguazu
DATE: 27/09/2014

A half marathon with international luxury! 500 participants and we did their check up with Cronobit, and chip check. On the day of the race, under the rain, we used two One4All equipments, a line of 8m connected to one, and 4 side antennas connected to the other. The program used for the classification was MX CV.


EVENT: Campeonato Escolar de MTB Soprole


This year the event changed venue and organizer and we noticed the considerable improvements, including the disposable MACSHA timing chips, which guaranteed the delivery of results on time and without errors.


We had 340 participants in all the different categories and starts, from 3-year-old children on wooden bikes with no pedals, to parents over 50 years old. It was a very familiar atmosphere.



EVENT: Motos en Arnedo, La Rioja
DATE: 14/09/2014

We’ve timed, with 100% success rate, a small, but not necessarily simple motorcycle event in the beautiful village of Arnedo (La Rioja).


Participants used enduro type motorcycles and quads. There were 19 participants in total. The dirt track of Arnedo was a perfect setting for a visual festival, with a lot of dirt and dust. Macsha timing equipments have once again worked perfectly. We used a one4All UL with 3 floor antennas and 2 side antennas. For the results we used Macsha CV and Excel. Great organization and pilots!



EVENT: Corre-Caminata Semana del Corazón
DATE: 13/09/2014

In the context of the 7th edition of la Semana del Corazón, the city of Baradero, Buenos Aires held a marathon in which about 400 people participated. Line Up was present not only timing the 10k event, but also joined in on the organization of the different stages of the event with the provision of T-shirts, Medals, Inflatable structures, Podium, Online sign up platform and Accreditation.


The event was a success and the results uploaded to


EVENT: Maratón ADEF en Movimiento
DATE: 28/09/2014

On a day that started under pure sunshine and ended in rain at Parque Sarmiento, CABA, the 8th edition of the marathon for the Sindicato de Profesores de Educacion Fisica ADEF took place. The marathon had 1600 participants, 110 runners and 1490 walkers. The inscription was already full weeks before the date of the event.


Line Up was present timing and classifying by gender on the 5 categories available. Results can be checked out at:


EVENT: 6th edition Veterinaria Adventure
DATE: 07/09/2014

With very cold weather, after a rainstorm, and with comprehensive organization of BAHIA CORRE we conducted the 6th edition of Veterinaria Adventure, with 350 participants. We used an equipment with 4 side antennas, and MT-number, with great final results, award ceremony with an amazing catering.



EVENT: Carrera en Albarreal de Tajo/Carrera 10km Madrid
DATES: 13/09/2014 – 14/09/2014

On Saturday the 13th we had a small race in Albarreal de Tajo in which we not only timed, but organized the whole thing.



On Sunday the 14th, a 10km race in Madrid. We used two 3m floor lines and six side ones.


EVENT: Carrera nocturna
DATE: 27/09/2014

A night race with rain, in which we used two timing equipments (1 equipment with three floor antennas and three side antennas, and 2nd equipment with three floor antennas and two side ones). We used mt-shoe chip, and two didn’t work, probably because of how they were placed. I saw others that could have failed due to placement.



EVENT: K10Xtreme Yaiza – MTB 53km and 112km
DATE: 06/09/2014 – 07/09/2014

This weekend timing on the Canary; On Saturday was the “K10Xtreme Yaiza” obstacle course with around 320 athletes on a 10k circuit, where we installed a finish, and managed registrations, part of the set up finish area (goal, chrono, etc). Two lines of ground antenna and 2 vertical antennas were installed, the test is very aggressive and the chip suffers a lot. Direct broadcast of classifications through live timing. We continue to improve our development in timing without mis-readings and fast delivery of results to the organizer. The test was one by a member of mc2action, so we could not ask for anything more. Photos: Roberto Villar


Sunday’s mountain bike event with two distances, 53k and 112k, the first edition of this competition, which brought together about 150 riders. The finish and intermediate control points are published directly on our web Same finish structure as the day before, and the checkpoint was set up with two meters of ground antennas and 2 vertical. Only one reading incident caused by a damaged chip during the race. We continued without any problems.


EVENT: 1st MTB Marathon North of Lanzarote
DATE: 9/21/2014

This weekend we were with the North MTB Marathon Lanzarote, supported by the Cycling Federation Canarian islands and organized by the local club HTT. A very hard 55km race on a highly demanding and technical track.

This time we had 2 intermediate control points + finish, chip on the fork, without incidents of the readings. Also, available were live timing and display that tracked participants on their checkpoints and where runners, once they arrived, they could see their times.

EVENT: 2014 Harley Davidson the 2nd Race
DATE: 9/21/2014

On Sunday September 21 the 2nd 2014 Harley Davidson Race took place with distances of 3k, 5k, 10k, 14k and 21k, with start and finish at the Harley Davidson Agency Querétaro, giving the initial shot at 7: 15 with 21k and 14k distance, followed by the remaining distances, two lines of antennas of 5 meters in which each end had their lateral antenna and a third line of lateral antennas (one at each end) In total there were 3600 runners in different distances.



EVENT: Infit the 5th Circuit Race 10K Running / I Challenge MTB Villa de Illescas
DATE: 9/13/2014 – 9/14/2014

Weekend full of competitions.

Saturday afternoon at 5 Infit race circuit with 10K Running just over 60 runners 2 assembly lines of 3 floor antennas and 2 laterals.


On Sunday we timed the first Trofeo Mtb Villa de illescas with 180 runners and three laps. Only 5 errors reading (due to misplacement of Mt Ankle) double line 3 ground antennas and 1 side.

Very pleased with our results and happy with what is coming, Half Marathon of fuenlabrada (1500 participants) and Quixote Marathon as well with over a thousand participants.

EVENT: VII Carrera de MTB de Santa Olalla/ La Titán de la Mancha
DATE: 21/09/2014

This weekend we have been to two events MTB, the VII Carrera MTB de Santa Olalla which we timed for the second consecutive year, and the Titan de la Mancha, a 218 Km ultramarathon in which the winner spent 9h12m, and the last participant completed it 5h later. The two events passed with no technical complications.

We are very pleased with the results obtained with the Titan as far as timing is concerned. We are also happy for our contribution to this event, that will give much to talk about next year. On a sidenote, I would like to add that it fills me with personal satisfaction to say that the winner and 3rd place cyclist started training in the sport when they were just kids in Fuensalida Cycling club, where I was a coach at the time.



EVENT: 1ra Edición del MTB Desafío
DATE: 14/09/2014

On Sunday, September 14 we timed the 1st edition of Desafio MTB in Cacique, in the city of Catriel, Rio Negro with a participation of 180 bikers from different parts of Patagonia and Mendoza. The registry of data at the start and finish of the race was 100% effective, faithful to the configuration of air antennas and two side antennas, the timing was excellent and the chips worked perfectly. We used a One4All system, 3 air antennas, 2 side antennas in one line and CV software. Here are 2 photos.


EVENT: 7ma fecha del Campeonato Patagonico de Motocross
DATE: 20 & 21 of September

We timed the 7th edition of the Campeonato Patagonico de Motocross in the city of Zapala, Neuquen. On Saturday the classification depended on best lap time, and on Sunday race classification. Two laps per category, 11 categories, over 60 bikes distributed amongst the different categories.


We used a One4All system, 3 air antennas and 2 side antennas, CV software. Since we were a little more experienced in this race, we tried placing the chips in different places (we put them on the competitor’s helmet visors, and also placed a mt-ankle on the bike’s bars), the data registry in both cases was 100% perfect.



The condition to overcome was the wind, on Sunday it really punished us, yet all the equipment was able to outweigh the adverse weather conditions as always. Winds of 80 km/hs were recorded.


The timing was done by Flor Soberon, and she performed an excellent job. Here are some photos.