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3 Steps to Time Races With Pre-established Start Times

If you need to time a downhill race, mountain race, biking event or a similar race here’s a little help. Read 3 steps to time races with pre-established start times.

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1. Set start times or the time difference between start times; for example every 20 seconds, every 30 seconds, etc. Put in an excel sheet each participant’s schedule; for example participant 1 start 10:00:00, participant 2 start 10:00:30.


2. Create an event in Cronobit, as it’s normally done, and add a column for each participant with the start time. Set the start time of the race equal to the participant who started first, and start taking times.


3. Once the event has finished, copy all the times in an excel. To obtain the net time for each participant, subtract their starting time from the total time of the race.

If you prefer, you can also use two One4all systems, place one at the starting point and one at the finish line, connect them via internet, and do the timing. If you want more information please contact our technical team or wait for our next blog post 🙂