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Top 3 Events of February

Every weekend Macsha Timers around the world are on a mission to provide impeccable results. We’ve selected 3 February events which rocked the most and asked the timers to share how they did it! Check out their valuable technical tips!


Enduro del Verano

For the 6th consecutive year we timed the biggest quad race in the world, Enduro del Verano in Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This year we didn’t beat last year’s record in terms of participants, but we timed over 500 ATVs and 500 motorcycles, timing more than 8000 results, with 100% efficiency.


To do this, in the arch located at the finish point, through which the riders passed several times, we placed:
– 3 One4All ES
– 6 aerial antennas in the crossbar
– 4 side antennas, distributed 2 and 2 on each side

At the intermediate point, located in the middle of the desert, we placed:
– 1 One4All Ocelot
– 2 side antennas on the same tripod

This year we had connectivity in the timing cabin, thanks to this we were able to transmit the results of every lap via Internet to the press of the event. At the same time the results were available to the commentators who were updating the 150,000 spectators on what was happening.


For the winter holidays EDV organizers have announced a new challenge, Winter Enduro! God willing, we will again find ourselves timing the EDI in the sands and this time broadcasting live results for everyone online through RunOnRufus platform… But that’s another story for this 2015, that is just beginning.



Aguas Abiertas Nocturna “Desafio El Faro”

This open water swimming race has a very special and unique characteristic in our country, and that is that it takes place entirely during the night, illuminated by huge bonfires, fireworks, lighted buoys, chemical lights and the lighthouse that surveys the lake. It really is a magical event. It attracted more than 230 participants, and a One4All system was used with 2 side and 2 floor antennas, placed under a wooden ramp to prevent tripping.


The timing was performed flawlessly using MT ANKLE chips, and the results are delivered immediately after the arrival of the last participant; at this moment we sent a custom SMS informing every swimmer of their race time.

This competition is the most important event in Colón’s sporting calendar, and even if we had already timed races for this organizer (AdeCo) with excellent results, because of our full schedule, we had never before been able to provide our services for this night race.

Note that in previous editions of the open water night, they had had some problems with other timers; so for the 2015 edition, they asked us many months in advance – and practically – made us go.


Undoubtedly, we could say that beyond hiring a timing service (which anyone can do), AdeCo called us for the security of having a team that would give a 110% when timing, knowing well that if the timing fails, the event will be tarnished. That’s how Cronomet contributed, once again, so that a flawless event can grow, and remain impeccable.



I DH Villa de Mombeltrán

MTB, 160 enrolled; among them were champions of Spain and many of the best national riders. We are already working to make this race the Open of Spain in 2016.


The chips we were originally going to use were the MT-BP placed in the dorsal, but as the runners of this discipline are used to cutting and making holes in the dorsal to pass brake and gear cables,in some cases, some chips get maimed. To avoid this problem we gave each participant MT Ankle with the same encoding.

To time the start times we used a One4All with two floor antennas placed right at the start line. In the finish line we used 4 lines of floor and a side antenna connected to another One4All that recorded the arrival times of each rider. On the computer at the finish line we configured the Cronobit with the two checkpoints (start and finish) and then we calculated the times for each runner in an Excel file.

We’re working to show the data in kiosks and displays, export results without having to pass any data into an Excel file and some more details that will add a lot of value to the program.


We are very happy with the results, even though we had been expecting a few problems that kept us very nervous, connectivity between systems mainly. Our work is going very well and we are on the right track: next March 22 we will continue testing the material in the I Saldaña Bike Festival.


Hope you enjoyed the races and learned something new! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to help!

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