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Macsha’s success in Italy: the “Marathon delle Tre Caserme”

Macsha continues to expand their horizons, increasing their presence in various countries in the world! This weekend we timed our first race in Sardinia: we are very proud to present Macsha’s success in Italy!

Here you’ll find information and facts about the event in question.

The Organizer

Pul.Sar was born in 2012, from a collaboration of two cyclist groups, Mountain Bike fans, with the purpose of organizing sporting events and excursions.

The event

3rd Marathon Marathon delle Tre Caserme, Sunday, April 12, 2015.

It’s a MTB race, which includes two competitions, Non-competitive pedaling and Marathon. It is also the most important event of the organization in question. The route is exciting: departure and arrival from the town square, then proceed on the path “Truba Manna”, a beautiful single track almost entirely under the forest with beautiful climbs and an exhilarating final descent. Here the two competitions separate: the Non-competitive pedaling returns to the city, while the Marathon continues towards the steeper “Punta Maxia” (1017 meters) and then to the “Triton”, another challenging single track. The finish is expected at the city square, after about 4 hours of pedaling for a total of 70 km with a vertical drop of 2500 m.


The timing

To time this race, we placed:

– 2 One4all

– 5 aerial antennas

– 2 side antennas, each placed with a tripod

At the intermediate point, located in the middle of the mountain, we placed:

– 1 One4all

– 2 side antennas, each placed with a tripod, one in the right side and another in the left one.


Timing was executed without problems using Dorsal Chip MT-Bikeplate, we also used the Macsha VPN Router and the Macsha LED Screen. There were 531 enrolled, 509 participated, 488 arrived, 18 were disqualified and 3 undetected; the undetected were recognized because they didn’t have the dorsal placed well. Furthermore the results were delivered immediately at the arrival of last participant.

The general organization of the race was great! This is a success for the organizers, who are first of all, true hiking and cycling lovers in their beautiful Sardinia!


We thank them for giving us the opportunity to time this amazing event, as well as for the trust and the sympathy shown us.

We are very proud of our success in Italy; work is progressing in the right direction! This week, in fact, we will still be on Italian soil for various meetings with other companies.