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Top 3 Events of March

Macsha Timers, located in various countries all around the world, effectively time every month many interesting competitions. From all the events timed last March, we have selected three outstanding ones.

Here you’ll be able to read about how our Timers performed and learn valuable technical tips!


Gran Fondo de Buenos Aires

The Gran Fondo de Buenos Aires is an amateur race which allows the possibility of putting together cyclists of different ages, riders with disabilities, cyclists new to the sport, veterans, and the best cyclists.

The competition consists of a 100 km route in pack, divided in categories, with a minimum speed of 25 km/h. In this event, about 800 cyclists rode 100 km through the streets of Buenos Aires, divided into 11 categories for men and 8 for women.


Timing equipment:

– 2 One4All Ocelot

– 6 Floor Antennas

– 4 Side Antennas

– The chips used were MT-ANKLE for bike. Two by bike, placed on the front fork.

BA 3

This race, like all others, make us proud of the work we’ve done. Products evolve and ensure greater accuracy and timing in every type of race. In addition, our experts are able to solve any unexpected inconvenience thanks to their deep knowledge of the systems and accessories.


Carrera de la Integración

In March, we timed and classified seven competitions. All these were very important for BAHIA CORRE, we faced them all with the same responsibility, but certainly the most important was the Carrera de la Integración (for the World Down Syndrome Day), where 1000 runners (10 km), and a little more than 1300 walkers made of this 3rd edition of the event, a beautiful occasion.

For our company this competition is very important, because we spend the days leading up to the race with the organizers, collaborating in delivering kits, and with hundreds of children with disabilities, who open their hearts to all who come to this magnificent running event, which we have timed 3 editions in a row, and many more to come.


We used:

– 2 systems, one was the first one we had, dating from 2010

– 4 side antennas

– The other team was the “Ocelot”, recently acquired

– 4 floor antennas

– MT-shoe chips.


We worked with a notebook for each system in order to make comparisons after and to finally put together for an effective data classification. We had a very good performance from both systems, and above all, the instantaneous delivery of results is always pleasantly shocking.


Cross Villa de Blanca

On March 28 we had the traditional Cross Villa Blanca, expanded this year into a half marathon. After the change, this race has become the toughest half marathon, and landmark in Murcia. We also enabled a shorter route (11 km) for the less brave. For us, this race presented a challenge since it was our first double distance event (11 km and 21 km) of importance.

The race, for both distances, ended and began at the same place. Of about 300 chips, only 3 were not read.


Timing equipment used:

-1 oNE4all

-2 lateral antennas connected directly, located at rider’s chest level

-1 Floorline 4 meters wide with 2 splitter connected to one4all.

-Number MT chips placed on the runners’ chest.


We are already preparing our next challenge, timing a triathlon for about 300 athletes, with a rather complex structure using two one4all communicated with VPN router Macsha, establishing three checkpoints in transitions and results in real time on LCD screen.

We are proud with the results, despite the nerves of the first race. Luckily there were no last minute “surprises” and everything ended perfectly, getting out classifications (categories podium) before finishing 50% of the race. There were no last minute incidents and everything ended well. We were able to give the awards to the different categories before the event ended.

Hope you enjoyed the races and learned something new! Every experience contributes to continuous training in order to improve and grow. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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