Cycling (ENG)

24 Hours Race: Sardegna Bike Festival

We are very proud to present another Macsha success in Italy! Once again, Sardinia hosted our team to time a very interesting race!

The organizer

Pro Bike is a working group specialized in bike rental and guided tours around Sardinia.

The event

It was a MTB race, hosted during the Sardinia Bike Festival. In addition to the race there were various stands, live music, animation and entertainment. This made it possible for everyone to enjoy the Bike Trial show.



For timing, we used:

  • 1 metal arc
  • 3 side antennas
  • 6 aerial antennas
  • 1 O4A Ocelot
  • chips on the dorsal, on the handlebars
  • “Macsha classify control de vueltas”

It was an endurance race which consisted of many laps, in a 5 km circuit, with individual and group modalities, divided into 6-12 and 24 hours. The start and finish were located in the middle of the park that housed the Festival. After the start, and the first straight, the cyclists went up to the mountain. There were many exciting steps. Among these are included the flight of steps to climb and descend: fun and challenging! Afterwards, they proceeded towards the descent, where they returned to the starting point.


A peculiarity of this competition was that the competitors did not cross the metal arc in a way perfectly perpendicular: they passed sideways. The aerial antennas, therefore, have not been positioned on the arc maintaining a fixed angle; the inclination increased according to the angle of passage.


The bravest persisted even during the night. It was interesting to see them continue to ride in the darkest hours of the night. It was very impressive to think that the winner of the 24 hour race, which had 95 turns, only stopped in total for half an hour!

Everything went well and we are very satisfied with the work that results in the Italian market, in which we have entered recently.

Special thanks to the guys at Pro Bike, bike lovers, who have given us the opportunity to time this unique race.