Top 3 Events of April

We continue proposing each month the 3 the events that differ for their peculiarities and their success. This April, we highlight a downhill event, a triathlon and an extreme race on circuit, of 3 valuables Macsha Timers.

Here you’ll be able to read about how our Timers performed and learn valuable technical tips!


Longboard Litoral Festival

In April we timed the Litoral Longboard Festival in Paranà, home of the first  Argentine  Championship of Downhill. The park that housed the event offered a unique show and became a stage for the participants, on tables with 4 wheels or by inline skates. More than 150 athletes started from the streets of the park; continued on the main road until the thrilling descent, cutting exciting curves.It was a very fun event, with many beautiful falls to admire!



To measure, at the start and at the finish line, we used:

– 2 One4All Ocelot

– side antennas

– directional antennas (the new ones)

– chips on the ankle

to ensure perfect measurement at the finish line.


The energy transmitted by the participants and the sport was contagious, allowing us to have a really fun day.

Given the success of the timing, we will most likely participate again in November for the final of the World Cup Downhill Longboard which will take place in La Rioja, Argentina.


Half Triathlon Concordia 2015

On April 19, we timed the Half Triathlon Concordia 2015. It  was an incredible race, and about 800 triathletes attended. Moreover, it is the largest triathlon of Argentina, which this year has reached the 7th edition organized by the ACPC (In spanish, Asociación De Pruebas Concordiense Combinadas).



The timing was carried out as follows.

– For the swimming leg, we used a system powered by a generator, four floor antennas (covered with rubber mats to prevent slipping) and 2 side antennas. The system was at an excellent measurement level.

– About 900 meters later, into the boxes, another system was recording the start, with 2 floor antennas of 2 meters and 2 side antennas; determining the time T1. This same system through the PC, later, determined the net time of any discipline, that was the time T2.

– For the cycling stage (90 km in two rounds) we assembled a system to check that everyone did the two laps correctly. In addition, we used another system with 2 side antennas and 3 of our 1 meter floor antennas (also covered with carpets, to preserve our antennas and mitigate the impact of the bike).

– The cycling stage was followed by  21 km of running,  3 rounds of 7 km each. Here we placed a system more to see that everyone had actually completed the laps (which was useful because we indeed disqualified two participants who had finished only one lap).

Upon the arrival, finally, we mounted two side antennas and a floor one.


Overall, the event went very well and most importantly, the timing was executed excellently.


Xtrem running La Nucia 2015

The Xtrem Running is a very fun race. The peculiarity is that it presents extreme obstacles on a suitable medium. It contains a circuit similar to the cross, an urban circuit and one more extreme.



To time this event, we used:

– 2 O4A

– dorsal chips

– 4 side antennas

– 4 floor antennas.


The dorsal endured perfectly and the reading was performed without any problems; we will continue to use the chip on the dorsal, in this type of race because we have had a good experience.

We sorely tested the chips and the dorsals, having been used them in  extreme situations, especially in Xtrem Running of Alicante, which is characterized by a lot of mud and water.


All of them were very funny and interesting!

Do not miss our next post to stay informed about the races of Macsha Timers, around the world, and their advice on how to time each kind of event.