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The Macsha Systems: 10 Years of Evolution

The desire to do more and more, pushes us to innovate constantly. With pride we want to share with you the evolution of our timing system.

In 2007 Macsha started testing and using internally a prototype system for timing with UHF in different events. This version was not commercialised nor retailed. By that time, our commercial version was the MM timing system LF.

In 2009/2010 we launched to the internal market the first commercial version of the One4All, version 1.0, or as some called it the “blue box” – This version was the kickoff we needed to build today’s most advanced UHF timing system in the world, our latest version 3.0.

The One4All 1.0 had, and has, as several Timers are still currently using this version:

  • Only 3 buttons: 1 Power ON/OFF – 1 Start/Stop – 1 change ID.
  • 1 digit Led: To indicate an active ID and the amount of occupied ports.
  • 3 Led lights: To indicate Wifi, Start/Stop and Error.
  • 1 MMC memory socket for backup.
  • 1 output power for a horn.
  • 4-port antennas.
  • 1 Internal access point-  yes, you could only connect to the One4All wirelessly.

The 1.0 model is noted for its robustness and stability. It has a few amount of electronic components and low freedom of configurations. Despite this, with this timing system we timed major events, such as the Summer Enduro and Buenos Aires Marathon, among others.


These timing systems have marked a precedent in the world of timekeeping with chips, because of its simplicity, accuracy and reliability. And best of all: It is able to time almost any sport. This was the kickoff to break the idea that timing was just for a few. From here, anyone with minimal knowledge can time a competition.

(Andrés Morán, Cronomet)

How the system has improved and grown

As time went by, and we gained experience, we realized it was necessary to develop the system, in order to launch it to the global market. So in 2012 we launched the 2.0 version,also known as “orange-bag”. It marked a dramatic change from the previous version. It was the first UHF timing system ever to incorporate a touch screen.

In this new version we added:

  • 4 ” LCD touch screen, from where it is controlled and it reports:
    • ID settings.
    • Set time.
    • Manual or remote operation.
    • Downloading files from backup.
    • System information
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 1 USB port
  • 2 Two power outputs for horn or warning light.

Even more, the One4All 2.0 had 3 different versions:

  • ES: with 4 ports and with a 80 Km/h top speed capability.
  • XL: with 8 ports and with a80 Km/h top speed capability.
  • UL: with 4 ports and with 200 Km/h top speed capability.

macsha-router + sys

The ability to download information directly from your computer to a USB flash drive, connect to it (if you need a router), synchronization and configuration without a computer, along with other new features, made the timing evolve at a staggering speed. New plastic floor antennas – lighter and more powerful – splitters (to deploy more antennas with the same system) side antennas to harness the full power of One4All, new chronometers clocks, kiosks with self consulting; they allowed us to take the service to the next level of timing.

(Andrés Morán, Cronomet)

After two years of experience with this new system and more than 200 units sold we decided it was time to enhance the system even more. In late 2013 we began designing the new version, and this year 2015, after more than a year of development, we launched the final version, the One4All 3.0.


With this new system, the results evolved real time publications directly on the Internet. The participant no longer has to wait for the awards ceremony and the subsequent publication of the results to know his performance and position, the results are now available anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone or online.

(Andrés Morán, Cronomet)

Two systems, two generations: our old and dear “14A” and the “Ocelot”. It’s an amazing advantage for Bahia because we still use them both, so we work with full power. There is an abyss of technological differences. In our events we want to do the maximum with both, obtaining very satisfactory results. Those are the testimonies of our past and our present.

(Aníbal and Fernando, Bahia Corre)

This new version of One4All has … Actually, we prefer to prove it: we invite you to discover it. You can request a free demo at to see it with your own eyes!