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Top 3 Events of May

These 3 events of May provide us 3 important lessons:

– It’s possible to deliver the results before the end of the race, despite the various organizational difficulties

– Despite the nerves of the first race, it’s possible to deal with all kinds of unexpected issues

– It is important to always try everything you need for the timing of the event the day before.

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The 42K of Córdoba

In May we timed the relevant 42K of Córdoba, an important Marathon in Argentina.

42KK(Foto Source: )


With the new O4A 3.0, we mounted:

  • Start/finish line: 10 meters wide, 10 floor antennas, 4 side antennas, 3 One4All 3.0
  • In the 10K: 4 meters wide, 4 floor antennas, 1 One4All 3.0
  • In the 21K: 4 meters wide, 4 floor antennas, 1 One4All 3.0
  • In the 30K: 4 meters wide, 4 floor antennas, 1 One4All 3.0
42(Foto Source: )

Everything went wonderful, despite a not so good organization. For example, at the start we didn’t have gazebos, not even chairs or tables… In the intermediate points we didn’t have electricity until the very last moment, and again we did not have gazebos, tables or chairs. However, the results of the 10K and 42K were delivered before the last runners arrived, and at the end of the event, we delivered to the organizer the complete ranking of both races with all intermediate results.


Second Duathlon of Coronda

The Second Duathlon of Coronda was our hardest test, and an excellent way to begin forming part of the Macsha Timers. A short duathlon incorporated, besides all the classical categories, those of relay, with a total of 240 participants. This allowed us to begin in a gradual manner and with a moderate requirement.

Being the first race, we were nervous; moreover there was a small obstacle to overcome that came with the delivery of the registration list by the organizer. But our operators resolved it quickly, proving the effectiveness of the training courses provided by Macsha.



We used: 1 One4All, 4 floor antennas, 2 side antennas, chips MT- Ankle on his left ankle; we also added an electronic timer Led and HD filming on the finish line.


The race, the pedestrian part, was through the center of the “santafecina” city, while the bike leg went down the coast line. This coastal ride was also the place where they were performed various artistic events, duatlon children and awards and where many persons concurred from nearby cities, being a very enjoyable day for all attendees the event.

The organizers and participants highlighted the speed of the delivery of results and effectiveness of equipment. Moreover they hired Pro Timers for the championship organized by the “santafecina association” Triathlon on different localities of the province. All classifications and filming arrival were shared in our social networks and had high impact on the subsequent days.

duat de c

Pro Timers team appreciates the confidence placed on its operators and equipment. We want to salute the Santafecina Triathlon Association, for their close collaboration. A very special thanks to Macsha, a family of excellent people and rich business content; we hope to learn from and to meet their expectation, so we can remain part of these great team.


Terra de Remences

This race was very important to teach us that we must try all the material before the event, in order to ensure that everything is working properly. I mean, at first we did not know how high we had to put the aerials antennas, the arch was very high and in the end, with the help of Gustavo,  we had to reset the equipment.

Moreover, in this event we had to time arrival and finish line of all runners; at the start of the race we had problems with the configuration of the chips, which ultimately was resolved with a quick change of equipment (the collaboration of other Timers was very important!).

ter(Foto Source:


To time this event (and given the large number of participants, 3400), we used 4 aerials antennas and 4 side antennas; in the intermediate point 2 side and 2 floor antennas and 2 side antennas in the finish line.

terre(Foto Source:

This event was very important for Crono-Time, because apart from being one of the most important cycling races, it is also the race of our city, so we can not fail. Luckily for everything there is always a plan B!

te(Foto Source:

As I said before, in any event difficulties and setbacks may arise. But the most important thing is to be ready to face any error or issue, both personal and material, in order to solve them.

Hope you enjoyed these races and learned something new! Follow us on social media and for any questions do not hesitate to contact us at