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Top 3 Events of July

Here are the 3 most important events of June! You can learn technical advise, configuration details and more! 3 different sporting events in different countries, by 3 Macsha Timers all with the same desire to deliver impeccable results and do a great job! Check them out!


 Circuito de las Estaciones 2015

This type of street racing circuit was born in Brazil, and then moved to Argentina in 2014, making it one of the only street racing circuits in the country. On July 9th, 2015, Macsha was present in the second stage, the winter stage, of the circuit. The race took place in Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where 4,000 runners bared the cold.


The event was organized by Sportsfacilities, and started at 8:30am in Figueroa Alcorta y Sarmiento, Palermo; there were two modalities to the race, 10K competitive modality, and 5K participative.



We used:

  • 2 One4All 3.0 Ocelot + 1 single line of FA 6m + 4 SA.
  • MT-Numbers, and both O4A were connected to each other as server & client via Wi-Fi.
  • Macsha software Tag EAR + Excel.


This year Macsha timed one of the most original initiatives, that proposes 4 seasons – 4 races – 1 circuit. This initiative, with time, will continue growing and becoming more successful. Thanks to the efficacy of our equipment and our Timer’s skill, everything went according to plan, well, neat and fast.


Triatlón Villa de Blanca

The river beach of El Arenal, in Blanca, was the where the last scoring triathlon for the Regional League took place. The XIV edition of the Triathlon Villa Blanca included, once again, the best athletes in the region of Murcia, and more who came from all over Spain; all willing to compete in an event that always demands the most out of each participant. There were around 300 participants, making it one of the most important races in the circuit.

sector a nado


This sprint triathlon, 750 meter swimming in the Segura River, 20 kilometers cycling around the Azud marsh, and the 5’2 kilometer running along the river, was a challenge for us: we wanted to give results and classifications in real time during each stage of the event by displaying it on a screen near the finish line… something unusual in these races.


We configured 3 control points, a first control point (controlling two readings) using a One4All with 2 side antennas to control the transitions from water to bike. A second team with one One4All at the finish line with 4 ground antennas, positioned in two lines of two meters, receiving the data of the first system and giving the classification in real time. All with one PC at the finish line, using wifi to transfer the data, with another mini-pc with the racecheck, showing the times in real time.


The main problem was that we did not get the computers to connect through the VPN macsha. Having to improvise in order to solve this problem, we connected the computers using a UTP cable and connecting routers every 80 meters to keep the connection between One4All.


Ruta del Agua

Discipline: BTT

Distances: Cyclists (to choose between three different routes: Initiation 25 Km, route 45 Km and 85 Km challenge route) and Federated (85 Km Challenge).


Only the participants doing the Challenge modality were timed. With the help of Gustavo Quiroga for the setting up of the equipment, everything worked perfectly. We offered immediate results with the Racecheck using a 42” screen. The event took place on a very cloudy and hot day, which made the work more challenging, the 750 participants left at 10:00am.



For the event we used two one4all, one for start and finish line and the other to the middle checkpoint. The equipment set up in the finish line included: two lines of floor antennas, and two side antennas separated by 4 metres. For the middle checkpoint equipment we had help from Gustavo Quiroga, who set up three side antennas. The participants used MT-ANKLE chips placed on the left side of the bike’s fork. This is why the side antennas were all placed on the left side of the trail. The 139 readings of the 139 participants were correct.


The final winner was Brendan Márquez, reigning ultramarathon champion in Spain, his time was 3h 53m 11s. In the female category, the winner was Isabel Picoaga, her time was 5h, 59m, 28s. Parallel to the race, the organizers, Club Caimanes de Betanzos, prepared in the Plaza Hermanos García, where the finish line was located, different activities for the children, including a time trial and a gymkhana.


Every experience contributes to continuous training in order to improve and grow. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us!