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Tips To Solve Roadblocks During a Race

When we are timing any sporting event, it is normal to run into roadblocks or unforeseen issues when we are signing up participants, or trying to make any changes. We must be alert to be able to solve them without any further issues arising. Something essential to problem solving during a race, is to be very familiar with Microsoft Excel because it will be the tool we use for any changes we need to make.


One of the most common problems while timing a race is that a participant is not happy with their result. To tackle this, we must be patient and figure out how urgent it is to solve the problem at that moment. If the participant is not among the winners, then you can it leave for later, but if the participant claims to be among the winners then the issue must be solved right away since they won’t be able to proceed with the awards until this is solved. Since usually the timing never fails, the incidence is probably due to an error when handing out the chips and dorsals, odds are the participant has a chip corresponding to another number, another reason could also be a database error.

There can also be issues with making changes, this means when someone would like to make a name change or category change. This usually happens when a participant doesn’t show up for the race, and someone else takes their place. This tends to happen before the start of the race, but sometimes it has happened at the end, and even during the race. If the change needs to be immediately for some reason, then you can do it while the race is in progress, but we do not recommend it. If we are timing and we start using the computer to do other things, we run the risk of the computer freezing, or other problems arise. The best thing to do is to leave all changes for the end of the race.


We must always keep in mind that we are using an electronic system, and that it can have problems, especially if it doesn’t get the appropriate care and maintenance. This is why we recommend you always have a backup, and also use other materials that can offer support, such as filing the finish line, this way you will be able to record the times manually if necessary. An advantage of the One4All in this cases is that it has two operating modes, manual mode and remote. If for any reason, the computer breaks, or we have no connectivity, we can always use the manual mode, this way the chips will be read, and when we fix the computer, we will be able to recuperate the readings.

To conclude, we just want to say that none of these solutions will be of help if we are not calm, have patience, and are organized.

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