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6 Haunted Halloween Races Around the World

Knock…Knock… Trick or Treat Timers. In this blog post we take you on a haunted tour around 6 thrilling Halloween races around the world. “So whatever you do don’t fall asleep!“ – Freddy Krueger

Zombie Race – Murcia, Spain

Photo Zombie race 2014:

On Halloween’s Eve the city of Murcia hosts a 5K race full of both natural and artificial obstacles. The objective of the race is simple: complete the 5K-zombie-infested route “alive and secure” and avoid zombie attacks along the route. When starting the race you have 3 red flags resembling your 3 lives, which can be taken by zombies. In order to win the race you have to cross the finish line first and still have all your lives left. Zombie races are really popular these days thanks to television series like The Walking Dead and zombie movies.

Panic in the Dark – Lowell, Massachusetts

panic in the dark
Photo : Facebook Panic in the dark

Panic in the Dark claims to be the scariest obstacle run in the US. The mission is clear, you have to get through a 5K horror fest. The runners are wearing headlamps to help them get across the dark of night while being haunted by zombies, ghosts and other monsters clambering for their brains. If you’re not into running, turn the runner’s worst nightmares and favorite horror movie scenes into reality and sign up to be one of the creeps. One advice, only sign up if you’re ready to face your biggest fears.

Devils Chase – Salem, Massachusetts

Foto Devils Chase:
Photo Devils Chase:

This symbolic 6,66 devilish mile race through Salem, Massachusetts, takes place on Halloween Day. The event ranks on the Top Nine Costume Runs in the World, with 98% of its participants dressed up satanically, they sure are having a Hell of a Good Time. Next to the first who crosses the finish line, the luckiest demonic participant is the one running with the 666 BIB. You can bid to run with the number 666, and all benefits go to charity. The highest bidder wins a tempting goody basket that includes more than $500 in prizes.

Imperial Halloween Run – Duisburg, Germany

Photo Imperial Halloween Run:
Photo Imperial Halloween Run:

Next, the Imperial Halloween Run, one of the biggest Halloween events in Germany, takes place on Halloween in the horrifying scenery Duisburg-Nord’s industrial park. Imperial hosts a 1,5K school run, 5K and 10K run. Afterward they close the night with a thrilling live show and party for all participants disguised as terrifying supernaturals.

Halloween Half Marathon & Freaky 4-Miller – Miami Beach

Photo Halloween Half Marathon & Freaky 4-Miller – Miami Beach:

The yearly half marathon and freaky 4-Miller is a real festivity in the flagship city for Halloween, Miami. The runners are encouraged to cross the finish line dressed in Halloween costumes. Each year they incorporate a different Halloween characters in the theme of the race and put them on the merchandise, each themed medal has become a collectible for their runners.

Halloweenrun, Buenos Aires

Photo: Facebook sportfacilities
Photo: Facebook sportfacilities

The final horror race takes place on Halloween’s Eve at 20h in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. This race is organized by Sportsfacilities, who works together with Macsha Cronos. With more than 3000 participants joining this event, this will be the biggest Halloween race in Argentina. Each participant runs in their creepiest costumes that even scare our Timers.

So there you have them, 6 horrifying races that will inspire you, if you know about any other peculiar races, or have participated in any of them, don’t hesitate to tell us about it. We would love to hear your story!