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Top 3 Events of October

November started, so let’s summarize the top 3 events of October by our Macsha Timers. Sailing off with the Armenia Corre, in los Bosques de Palermo, Buenos Aires. Followed by XII Bike Maratón Calares del Rio Mundo in Spain. And we finish with the Halloween run, in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires where participants dressed up in their scariest costumes.

Armenia Corre 2015

Armenia Corre 2015
Photo: Armenia Corre 2015 Facebook

This past October 4th Innovar Deportes timed the 6th edition of Armenia Corre. A 10K and 3K run organized by the Unión General Armenia de Cultura Física and Sportfacilities where they gave extra attention to the equality topic. 800 runners participated in this edition which is especially in memory of  the Armenian genocide 100 years ago.

For Timing they used 5 Floor and 2 Side Antennas, 1 One4All 3.0 with MT-Numbers chips on the runners. It wasn’t an easy race to time because there were many human errors from participant’s side. To read more about them you can check our blog post about “Most Common Participants Errors”. Thanks to the timer’s experience they accomplished to deliver impeccable results.

XII Bike Maratón Calares del Rio Mundo

Photo: XII Bike Maratón Calares del Rio Mundo

On October 18, 9:00 AM, our Macsha Timers from MANCHACIP Sports Timing timed the XII Bike Maratón Calares del Río Mundo in south-eastern Spain. A beautiful day, in a beautiful scenery, as the 66K circuit runs across the natural park of Calares del Río Mundo. The perfect mash-up to time one of the biggest races of the Cycling Federation of Castilla- La Mancha. The MTB Marathon has become a national benchmark for mountainbike organized by Club BTT Riópar, with 1002 participants joining the race, of which 888 crossed the finish.

For the timing MANCHACIP Sports Timing used the MT-Bikeplate chips and a 1 One4All with three floor antennas and two on the side. There were some misplacements detected but they got fixed manually. Everything was a success.

Halloween Run

Photo: Halloween Run 2015 Atletas

On Halloween, in the city of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires played host to the first Halloween Run in Argentina organized by Sportfacilities. The tour departed and finished at Machaca Guemes and avenida de los Italianos where the 3000 participants ran the 5K race all dressed up with halloween costumes like Zombies, Frankensteins, Draculas and the scariest of all, a terrifying Daniel Scioli mask.

The runners were wearing MT-Numbers and with only 2 One4All 3.0, 6 Floor Antennas and 2 Side antennas, we performed an excellent timing with no survivors… Muahaha…

We hope you enjoyed them! Want to learn more about Macsha? Don’t hesitate to Contact us & check out our blog!