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Why 2015 was amazing, & why 2016 will be even better

We just gave 2016 a warm welcome, but let’s take a step back and review 2015, to see how far we can go in a year and give you insights on what to expect from us in 2016.

New products on the shelf

Technology doesn’t wait! Any company who aims for the top has to keep innovating and redesigning its products. During the past year, we continually refreshed, updated, and improved our product line to make it even bigger, better, faster and stronger!

In January, we introduced our new led screens. With those, we gave a new dimension to our clocks! Now event organizers and timers can publish real-time results, messages, videos, GIFs, advertising and much more on Macsha Displays during the race.

Since February, we’ve changed the way you work before, during and after your event! Macsha’s Kiosks supply real-time information at your fingertips, giving you instant access to race results, personal data, registration on the day of the event and much more. Implementation of the Kiosk facilitates work and interaction with your participants giving your race that extra touch you were looking for.


In May, we took major steps forward launching our One4All 3.0. The new One4All is a versatile timing system with a robust and beautifully designed software. Reliable, with each component as solid as a rock, but also easy to use and good-looking.

In July, we took the plunge with launching the Macsha Swim 2.0 and it gave us an immediate kick-start in the water. We developed the new starting system and made our touchpads even thinner. This new technology combined with clean design makes our SWIM system accessible to small clubs and local organizations while remaining fully suitable for use in large events bringing our business to a higher level.

In December of 2015, we unleashed our new revolutionary flagship, RunOnRufus. RunOnRufus is a cloud timing software compatible with Macsha’s One4All. Rufus will not only change the future of timing, but it will be the future. The ultimate goal of Rufus is timing races without needing a computer or printer. How Macsha will make this possible will become clear in 2016.

The team & the new office


2015 was a year of growth. We changed offices four times, constantly moving to a bigger one with more rock stars joining our team, both in the production area as well as in sales and marketing.

In September, we moved from La Salle Technova  to a bigger office in the commercial center of PobleNou in Barcelona. Now we have a lot more open working space, 2 offices, a meeting room, production space, workshop, showroom, chill room and a kitchen. Feel welcome to pay us a visit in 2016 🙂

Our Timers


If we take a look at the spread of the company, it’s clearly visible that were are conquering the world step by step. More than 80 timers around the world are a part of Macsha’s timing community. New countries conquered include Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil and the USA. Macsha is now present in more than 20 countries around the world.

After the launch of Macsha SWIM 2.0, already five swimming pools installed our timing system in this short period of time. Three in Argentina, one in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the beginning of this year, and even one in Turkey. Slovenia is also expecting their Macsha SWIM soon.

Why 2016 will be even better

Our number one goal for 2016 is to be closer to our timers, giving more direct support through representatives in the main markets, focusing on the UK, Italy, Portugal, France, Brazil and the USA.

As you already know, at Macsha we’re addicted to innovation. You can expect an expansion of our product line with at least four new revolutionary product releases as well as continuous improval of existing products. We’ll offer the solution to customize our products to every kind of event, for every kind of timer. In 2016, we’re aiming to grow even bigger and double our timers community and install our Macsha SWIM into a lot more swimming pools, preparing ourselves for the Olympics! Also with the help of Rufus, who is still a puppy, but he just can’t wait to be king!

2014 was practice

2015 was the warm up

2016 is Macsha GAME TIME

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