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MACSHA’s One4All: Certified by the Italian Timing Federation

Amazing news for the Macsha family. Our One4All has been certified by the Italian Official Timing Federation, F.I.Cr! Now Macsha’s On4All is one of the few certified timing systems in Italy which means that it will deliver exact results on different competitions.

Oh, by the way, fun fact: Did you know that Italy is the only country in the world with an official timing federation! Check out the Federazione Italiana Cronometristi.


The Process

We were invited by F.I.Cr to the Centro Di Preparazione Olimpica Acqua Acetosa “Giulio Onesti” in Rome, we brought the Macsha’s One4All for a test drive. There, we presented the One4All to all the members of F.I.Cr and then they compared its results with their already certified products. And as always, the One4All delivered impeccable results.

F.I.Cr Recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee
F.I.Cr is recognized by the Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (Italian National Olympic Committee), which means that any timer in Italy that wants official timing results needs to use one of F.I.Cr certified systems. So yeah, this are huge news for Macsha!


From running to karting, and swimming to a duathlon. All kinds of sports, even at high speeds  (Check out how we timed go-karts with speeds of up to 150 km/h), can be timed with our accurate and reliable timing system. Now the One4All is an option for any of the F.I.Cr branches looking for impeccable results.

What now?

Once again proves the quality of our systems was proven. Now we are looking forward to more events, more timers and more success stories. We are staying on the same track, hungry for impeccable results and disrupting the timing industry on our to way to becoming the best timing system in the market.

Hungry for more? Contact us for more info, and find our latest news in our timing blog!

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