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Enduro del Verano 2016: the 23rd edition was a big success!

1,300 quads and cross motorcycles raced through the desert at high speeds, while 150,000 people in the stands were cheering and encouraging the racers. This edition of the Enduro del Verano was held in Villa Gesell, Argentina, and it was spectacular. We are very pleased that we timed this big event, but most of all, that Run On Rufus stole the spotlight.

Enduro Del Veranp

The Timing

We used 3 One4All’s! In an arc over the finish hang 6 aerial antennas, and 4 lateral antennas stood at each side of the finish line. Everything was connected to Run On Rufus and there was a 100% on lectures, impeccable results! Interested in more Run on Rufus? Check the Facebook page here! Of course, nothing can go wrong during such an important race, and fortunality Macsha and Run On Rufus proved their efficiency and quality.

How did Run On Rufus Perform?

In total Run On Rufus transmitted more than 15,000 times for the classification. The journalists from the press box, the assistants, and the commentators needed to see the times of the racers accurately and quickly. Run On Rufus uploaded the times directly to the screens! But is was not only for those people, during the race it was also possible to check the website of Enduro del Verano to see current times. Thanks to Run On Rufus, good job!

To keep in mind: ESPN’s Enduro del Verano TV special!

This event was not unnoticed and of course, this make sense with 150,000 spectators. ESPN is going to do a special about Enduro del Verano! Keep these dates in mind: Thursday 3, 10, 17 and 24  of March at 10pm in Argentina (2am in Spain).

What’s next?

Maybe it’s too soon, maybe it’s not. After this edition Run On Rufus looks further. What will happen at the 24th edition? Or  even more spectacular, at the 25th! We are working on a very big surprise! Maybe is has something to do with an app… 🙂

You want some more timing news? Check our timing blog! Or contact us if you have any questions.

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