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Macsha Timing Trail Races? There’s No Obstacle Too Tough

Sweating through the mountains with a beautiful view at the landscape and working hard to get past the obstacles on very irregular surfaces. Running in the mountains is definitely one of toughest ways of running. The racers have to give everything they’ve got. This is Trail running. Not for the weak ones!

What are we going to do?

Macsha loves adventures and two of the upcoming races in May are a good example of big adventures. Molló Trail and Cicera Trail are two trail running races. The participants have to get past all sorts of trails and obstacles and they’re wearing different kinds of shoes than, for example, marathon runners, because trail runners need more grip. Like we’ve said before, these events are tough. Very tough. And we are very excited to time these!

Trail running 

Trail running is a sport which is often in the mountains, but it can be in the forest or desert as well. This is one of the hardest types of running, because the surface is not equal. Especially in the mountains, certain roads have a lot of elevation!


Trail running

The race in the Pyrenees: Molló Trail!

This event is on the 8th of May and it’s in Molló, a little town in Girona, but in the big mountains of the Pyrenees. The runners will race at a maximum height of 2465 meters during the 47k race and 1611 meters during the 30k race. In 2015  there were 450 who made the event great, and we’re sure that the 2016 edition will be great as well! Interested in some more information or do you want to sign up? Check the website of Molló Trail!

900 trails and tracks: Cirera Trail!

This race is organized by Trail Montpedrós. It’s a 18km race and it’s held on the 8th of May. The runners have 4 hours to complete the race! The route is designed to run past beautiful views over the municipalities of Santa Coloma de Cervello and includes more than 900 trails and tracks! So if the runners get past some the obstacles, they can also enjoy the scenery! You can take a look on their website for more information or to sign up!


 Trail running

Macsha and trail running: a combination of impeccable results.

We are very happy to time these two races and we are looking forward to it! We will use the Macsha One4All timing system to register the times of the runners and the BIB-tags are also necessary. The chip will be placed on the back of the participants’ race number and when they cross the finish line, their time will be registered.

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