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Officially announced partnership: Macsha & Wylas Timing

Macsha is moving forward and this time, SWIM is taking the lead! We are very proud to officially announce our new partnership with Wylas Timing. The combination of the Wylas software with Macsha hardware has a promising future, and we are excited about it!


Wylas Timing

Wylas Timing provides automated software for swimming pools that is completely wireless. Their timing software is very accurate and fast: down to approximately 3 milliseconds. No cables necessary and a fast transmission, making it the perfect match for our touchpads. All Wylas software is compliant with the FINA timing regulations. If you want to know more about Wylas, check their website.


The Wylas software is compatible with many touchpads, but they chose Macsha as their official supplier because of our reliability, quality and price! That’s something we’re definitely proud of.

Macsha & Wylas

Complete timing solution

Because of this partnership, we can provide a complete and fully customizable package of timing solutions. The touchpads and the software are compatible for every pool size. The Wylas Timing system can be integrated with any other meet manager program as well. A complete package of solutions that fits in every pool. Wylas Timing with Macsha is going to be the perfect combination!


Do you want to learn more about the Macsha Swim? Check our website.

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