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Macsha proudly presents: Run on Rufus Clinic

30 timing addicts, one expert, one room and a lot of motivation: these were the ingredients for Macsha’s first Run On Rufus Clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Run On Rufus is Macsha’s Cloud solution for timing with the One4All system. From sending automated emails, SMS messages and automatic postings on social networks, to consulting kiosks and following races live online, ROR can handle it all.

Macsha & ROR Clinic

Run On Rufus

On the 29 of March the first ROR clinic took place in Buenos Aires. The timers got together to immerse themselves in the ROR world. An intensive workshop was divided into 3 sections so that the timers could be familiarized with the software and quickly become master-timers.

The event started early and the first part was a brief introduction by Pablo, our CEO and co-founder, about Macsha and the possibilities of the One4All system, followed by the agenda for the day. Next up was a theoretical section about setting up an event using the Run On Rufus application. Later that day the timers would be managing an event by themselves.


Macsha & ROR Clinic

The future experts

After the theoretical section it was time to get a well deserved lunch. And they better have filled their stomachs because that afternoon was going to be very intense! The future Run on Rufus experts simulated their own event. They preconfigured messages that were sent to the virtual runners and managed the social media for the event. It was a beneficial experience that made them familiar with everything that’s involved with Macsha’s One4all and ROR, and they learned how to increase the awareness of an event.

Once the simulation was finished it was time to take action: the commercial section. The timers were taught everything about how to present the benefits of Run on Rufus to event organizers.

Macsha & ROR Clinic

This was the first Run on Rufus Clinic, and because of the big success, Macsha is determined to move forward and to host more events like this.


Interested in learning more about Run on Rufus? Follow ROR on Facebook and stay tuned for the upcoming events!

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