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Rio Pinto & Mallorca 312: 2 Events and 8,000 Bikers

When you work hard, it pays off. And Macsha is working really hard. The past month we did two awesome races: Rio Pinto and Mallorca 312. We are very proud that we timed these races of more than 8,000 participants in total! Would you like to know more?  Check out the two awesome infographics below!

Rio Pinto

Another big race and this time it’s in Argentina. This race, with more than 4,000 MTB fanatics, was in the beautiful province of Cordoba, and to be more specific it started in the amazing Valley Puniya and ended in La Cumbre. We needed to take out some big equipment to deliver impeccable results: 6 aerial antennas, 4 side antennas, 3 Ocelot One4All’s and 2 Kodkod One4All’s. Click on the infographic for more information!


Infographic Rio Pinto

Mallorca 312

More than 4,000 bicycles racing for glory, crossing through the beautiful island of Mallorca, one of the jewels of the Mediterranean Sea, and 3 routes that the participants could choose during the race. Once again Macsha proved its quality! We prepared an amazing infographic with some of the most interesting facts about the race and the timing of the event.



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