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San Fermin Marathon In Pamplona: This Time Without Bulls!

Pamplona is the capital city of Spain’s northern province of Navarre, and it’s mostly known for the Running of the Bulls (Fiesta de San Fermín). This beautiful place has more besides raging bulls through the streets, like the San Fermin Marathon. This huge running event is on the 18th of June and it is organized by Rock The Sport. Located in Pamplona, the marathon attracts many fanatics looking to run, this time without the bulls. We are proud to provide the timing systems for the event, as well as to take responsibility for the timing services as well!

The race

This is not just any marathon – its 3,500 participants makes it quite a large event. But Macsha proved with the Mallorca 312 and the Rio Pinto that they can handle these numbers. The San Fermin Marathon contains 3 different distances: the marathon distance of 42km, a half marathon distance of 21km and a 10k race. To time this event we will set up 5 Ocelot One4All’s, as well as 10 floor antennas at the start and finish line.

There will be 4 checkpoints installed throughout the course, which will be connected via Run on Rufus. Each checkpoint will have 2 side antennas to make sure that the times are registered correctly.


Run on Rufus

This cloud timing software is connected to each checkpoint, making it possible to follow a participant  as they race. The checkpoints will send the times directly to the cloud and thereafter to one of the channels –  for example to social media, email or SMS, so it’s possible to receive updates on a smartphone, laptop or tablet! Run on Rufus will be connected to the Macsha Kiosk, where the participants can also check and print their own times! Run on Rufus is the perfect solution for cloud timing software. Check out their website here.


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