Macsha’s Timing Antennas: Implement the best for your event

When timing any event, all times have to be registered correctly with impeccable results. Therefore it’s important to make sure that the setup of the timing systems is right, including proper placement of any timing antennas in use. This blog post is all about exactly that. We will discuss for which sports event will you need Side antennas or Floor antennas? What’s the optimal chip placement when you use certain antennas? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more in order to time your next event perfectly.


The three types of antennas

The Side, Floor and Aerial are Macsha’s three types of timing antennas, each of which can be implemented in the timing of a race depending on your needs. The Floor antenna is specially designed to be mounted on flat surfaces, as the layer technology gives it an ultra thin profile making it ideal for timers to travel over with ease. The Side antenna is able to be setup in several directions, depending on the nature of the event. This gives a great versatility and potential for optimization.


Floor antenna

Impeccable results with Side and Floor timing antennas

The best way to time marathons, triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons and roller skate events is with 2 Side and a line of Floor antennas at the finish line. The number of Floor antennas depends on the width of the finish line. The chips for marathons will be placed in the race number (bib) on the participant’s’ chest, but for triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons the chip is usually placed around the ankle. Macsha’s antennas are the only antennas who can time a race with one line of Floor antennas and only one chip! A variant way to time marathons is to use only Floor antennas with the chips placed on the shoe lace.


“One line of floor antennas and only chip: still impeccable results by Macsha’s antennas”


The timing of cycling

Macsha has had plenty of experience timing cycling events, for example the Mallorca 312. To time road/track cycling events like this or mountain biking (MTB) there are several important things to keep in mind. For both types of cycling Floor antennas will be necessary, covering the surface of the Floor antennas with non-slip rubbers. This will protect the bike wheels of the participants. With road and track cycling events the chips have to be tied to the front fork on the bicycle. MTB events require Aerial antennas in addition to the Floor antennas, with the chips placed on the race number in front of the bicycle.


Aerial antenna

The timing of high speed vehicles

The timing of events with motorcycles, quads (ATV) or karts is a little different than what we described above. The Floor antennas are not used during these events, rather only 2 side antennas and at least 2 Aerial antennas. The number of Aerial antennas is dependant on the finish line width. The chips for motorcycles, quads and karts need to be placed on either side of the rear fender, plus one more chip on the hold number in the front of the vehicle.



And last but not least: open water events

The timing of swimming events in open water requires touchpads. The setup also calls for a Side antenna to be mounted at an angle of 90° at the top of the touchpad. This is the best way to register all the swimmers’ times, who should have their chips placed on their wrist.

Side antenna

Macsha provides, in addition to timing antennas, many more timing solutions to make sure that the results of your timing goes off without a hitch. Our timing experts are always ready to answer any questions about antennas, timing systems or anything else. Don’t hesitate to contact us here.


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