Macsha and Westhold Corporation Announces Business and Technological Partnership to Enhance the Timing Industry

At Macsha we are extremely happy to announce Westhold Corporation as our new Business and Technology Partner. This strategic alliance with one of the most important hardware designers of timing systems in the world is key for the continued improvements of Macsha’s current and future products.

Westhold Corporation, from Silicon Valley California, is a leading provider of electronic race timing, scoring, management, data display and distribution equipment. With a unique knowledge of race timing gained from more than 20 years of experience, Westhold has developed highly accurate and sophisticated timing systems used in competitive racing events across the USA.

With this Partnership, both companies will collaborate in sharing each others’ business knowledge and technology in order to build better and more cost-effective timing systems for all kind of sports.


As Julian Lin, CEO of Westhold Corporation, said “The collaboration between Macsha and Westhold is very exciting for us. It represents a fantastic opportunity for customers around the globe to benefit from new and innovative solutions at affordable prices”

The junction between the more than 30 years of experience that both companies gather together will enhance the quality of the offerings either produces.

“We are really excited about our new Partnership with Westhold Corporation. This Partnership will enable Macsha to deliver new products and services to our customers that will allow them to become more efficient in their jobs and reduce costs” said Pablo Maccarone CEO of Macsha.

With Macsha’s technology, vision and go-to market strategies plus Westhold technologies and experience, you can expect cool products to come in the upcoming months, so stay tuned 😉

3 thoughts on “Macsha and Westhold Corporation Announces Business and Technological Partnership to Enhance the Timing Industry

  1. Congratulations to Macsha on this exciting news. So proud of your accomplishments. Big shout out from Minnesota.

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