Conquering the Balkans!

We are happy to announce that we are continuing to expand the Macsha brand and products around the world! This time, our COO Gustavo Quiroga brought our latest swimming systems and technologies with him to the Balkans. This is the first time Macsha has stepped foot into the Balkan Peninsula, so this is a great accomplishment for our company.

Macsha Balkans

From January 14-17, Gus braved the frigid temperatures in Slovenia to showcase our products at Len European Aquatics, a qualifying event for the World Championships in Budapest! He went packed with our best swimming and open water products, like the Macsha Swim and our touchpads, and we’re happy to say that he did a wonderful job!

We were able to connect with some of the main names of the Balkans’ swimming environment, like the swimming federations from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia and some swimming clubs like Club Sisak. And, of course, our products stole the show, everyone was amazed by Macsha’s technology and the quality of our systems.

Macsha Swim

Our first steps in the Balkans were the accomplishment of another milestone for Macsha – something that we are getting used to! Keep a close eye as we are sure we’ll have some news from the Balkans soon! New Timers? New events? Let’s wait and see!

Gaining valuable experience is the most important thing for us, and now the only question that remains is: where next? Follow our adventure in our timing blog and keep up to date with our latest news.

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