Growing Together with Macsha: Prueba-T

This blog post is the first on a series about Timers. As we mentioned before, we believe that our Timers’ success is also our success. As in any job, Timers learn and grow thanks to experience, they start as beginners and then become Master Timers.

For this first post, we interviewed Esteban Martul, a Master Timer from Prueba-T. Prueba-T is a company that organises and times events. Esteban has used our products in more than 40 races!

Creciendo junto a Macsha
1. Tell us a little about Prueba-T and how it started. When did you decide to time events yourself? What were your biggest challenges when you first started timing? What have you learned?

Our group started by organizing sports events such as swim meets, triathlons, and other popular races where we had connections. One day in a meeting we were discussing how to improve our work performance and it occurred to us that we should buy a small timing system to use for the races! The time passed and we networked with people from other sports organizations to see if it could be possible to rent out their equipment and time their races. After more discussion, the idea sprouted for what is now Prueba-T, our own timing systems company.

Our first challenge was finding financial backing, so that we could buy the tools we needed (timing systems, bows, fences, etc.). We were able to bring some money together and we decided to buy a timing system – we talked with several other businesses about a potential partnership and decided to join up with a company from Galicia that constructs its own systems. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with this company, as the software wasn’t working with the systems, our groups weren’t mixing together as well as we had hoped, and we were missing out on a lot of potential opportunities. So, we decided to move on from this partnership and ended up contacting Macsha.

In the end, our greatest challenges were financing and then finding a business partner that knew what they were doing and could provide us with good service. During our years of timing we’ve realized that in the end, things aren’t always going to work out – we lost 3 clients before we decided that we needed to make a change.

2. How did you find out about our company and what made you decide to work with us?

We discovered Macsha by looking up producers of timing systems on Google. Before we decided to work with them we made sure to do a lot of research, like reading about the company and characteristics of the team members, as well as watching some videos to make sure we would work well together.

Prueba T 2

3. How did you become such a successful Timer?

I don’t know if we can be considered successful Timers just yet, but I do believe that we are on the right path. Of course, there are a lot of things still left to learn and there is room to grow, but I’m happy with where we’re going. We continue to cover more and more races and word is spreading about our company in Galicia. Our first year with Macsha we timed 43 events, and our work has allowed us to work in some very important races! Furthermore, Macsha’s timing systems allow us to time all types of races, which is very important because other companies in Galicia are limited by the abilities of the systems they use and aren’t able to time any race they want, giving us a good advantage.

4. How has your relationship with Macsha been throughout these years of growth for you?

Our relationship with Macsha is very good – in fact, I can say that we are more than just business partners – we are all friends! We get along great with Gustavo Quiroga and Verónica Lorenzo (and they treat us well even when we give them lots of problems).

5. We know you have a couple of races. Can you tell us a little about how you have managed to grow within your position? How have you grown personally and as a team member?

Our sudden growth was sometimes difficult to manage, as we didn’t know if we would be able to cover and time events of such popularity and magnitude. Luckily, we were able to make an important investment when we bought reusable chips that were necessary for these types of races and events.

Our Prueba-T team continues to be the same three as when we first started, and includes myself, Xan Suarez Vilela, and my father Javier Martul! This year, after seeing all of the races we planned on timing, we joined up with another Timer, Juan Pereira (we decided to work with him because he was already knowledgeable about the functionality of Macsha’s products).

6. You are a great example for anybody who is interested in becoming a Timer. Do you have any advice for potential Timers that you wish somebody told you when you first started?

I can’t give a perfect blueprint, but I will say to new or potential Timers that just like any job, it is difficult at first. Finding races is tough, but if you are committed to the job and show your determination, you will end up on top. Of course, taking advantage of the opportunities Macsha provides is very helpful too!

What do you think of this first blog of the new series: Growing with Macsha? Don’t miss out news and updates on our timing blog!

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