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Macsha Mexico: Results of the First Clinic and Race

There’s no doubt that Macsha entered Mexico with the right foot! The clinic was a complete success, the first race delivered impeccable results and we are already seeing the first opportunities in the Mexican market. Learn everything about our first adventure in Mexico.

Carrera 2

First Intensive Clinic in Mexico

Around 30 people went to our first intensive clinic in Mexico, Gustavo Quiroga and Matías Susco, two of our experts, were in charge of directing the clinic. The attendees assisted to a Master Class: The ABC of RFID, Macsha’s systems, antennas, cables, Kiosks, Run on Rufus, and more! Basically, an endless list of all of the big innovations Macsha has launched into the international timing market.

“It was a great event, something that other brands don’t do, not even while doing sales, giving lessons or anything. The topics, the knowledge gathered and the opportunity to network was pure gold for everyone.”

The clinic was at the Marriott Mexico City Reforma Hotel, in Ciudad de Mexico, on the 13th and 14th of March. There were Timers from all over Mexico and other close countries. But there were more than only Timers, there were other professionals, even from other companies! Actually, some of Mexico’s biggest timing names were present at Macsha’s clinic.

Clinica 1

“We’d like to congratulate you for your professionalism, and, without a doubt, will keep in touch to share our experiences and success with this amazing tool. We don’t only see it as a business opportunity, we also enjoy it a lot as we are part of an MTB team”

Everyone was impressed with Macsha’s technology, especially with its efficiency, ease of use, accessibility, and adaptability. This clinic was the perfect opportunity to compare the different technologies available in the market, their strength and weaknesses. A great way to start our adventure in Mexico!


7/a. Carrera Deportiva 10K


With the “Escuela Médico Militar” as the location, the first race timed with Macsha’s systems in Mexico delivered impeccable results. 12,000 runners were at the event and our experts prepared everything to make sure the event was perfect!

Carrera 1

The start and finish line were at the same place and the runners wore their chips on the race number. There also was 1 intermedium point. We took two times, with a 97.5% efficiency on the readings at the starting line, compared to the finish line. For this race, we used 4 Ocelots, 2 Kod-Kod, and 1 TimeBox. Check out this amazing video of the race:


And now more surprises are on their way! Our first steps on Mexico were quite promising, and we are looking forward to keep surprising the region with our products. Want to more know? Check out our timing blog!