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Growing With Macsha: Sporttam

We had the opportunity to interview Cristian Hernandez and Daniel Ponce from Sporttam, this Timers from Mexico have used Macsha’s products in more than 30 races, and their growth has been amazing. Check out their interview, we are sure that every timer will learn something from their experience!

1. Tell us a little about Nice Work and how it started. When did you decide to time events yourself? What were your biggest challenges when you first started timing? What have you learned?

Sporttam started out as a “crazy” idea after a conversation we had at the gym and we never imagined it would become a reality. Usually, it was four friends and co-workers at the gym making small talk about how many things could be improved at sporting events, we always saw that these events were the same, the quality did not improve and nobody innovated or did things differently.

As a coincidence, we all often registered in local races and that’s when we saw a great opportunity because there was only one promoter who made the timings. Races were a good alternative and the first step to that “crazy” idea where we could have a large-scale impact.

“To create a company where athletes could be offered much more than they were accustomed to receive; Technology, better services, quality in the organization, speed. “… that’s how we imagined it.

The biggest challenge for us was to enter a market where there was only one timing supplier, and also had 7 years of experience. Let’s face it, go to somebody and say “we can do better and offer you a better service” when they have worked with the same someone for 7 years, it is a strong bet and more if you have not seen what they can offer, regardless of the negative comments from that supplier … we definitely were swimming gains the currents in this case.

But we were clear that if we showed that we could do things with better technology, quality, efficiency we would have a world of opportunity.


2. How did you find out about our company and what made you decide to work with us?

We did not know where to start, and we did not have an idea of what timing equipment to acquire, so we looked at google and we arrived at the Macsha page and by watching the videos we decided to stay with them.

3. How did you become such a successful Timer?

Our very first event was in May 2014, with a race called “Lagunas de Miralta” that was held every year. We wanted to make ourselves known in some way so we approached the organizers and, despite their skepticism of if we could time the event, they opened their doors to us.

We have to recognize that it was a pretty risky idea for our first event to time 1000 runners. Yes, it was definitely risky, it was all or nothing, but it was the opportunity to make ourselves known in a big way. The result? Well, despite our lack of experience, it came out excellent!

From that event, Sporttam began to grow in a way that we did not expect, we were impressed by the type of companies that started contacting us. We had very strong companies and institutions looking at us and contacting us for more information. That was the push that we needed in order to grow. From then on, we only had to keep doing things well, but above all, we had to continuously keep on improving our processes, services and attention.

To this day, Sporttam has clocked about 30 events and because of the way we have catered to our customers and the quality of our service, we’ve continued to opening doors.

4. We know you have timed a lot of races. Can you tell us a little about how you have managed to grow within your position? How have you grown personally and as a team member?

It has not been easy, especially since after almost 3 years we are already doing all kinds of sporting events; From football tournaments lasting up to 3 or 4 months, to fishing tournaments. In the case of races we had to learn to optimize our resources without sacrificing quality, and that is only achieved with practice and the same daily operation. No one can tell you how to actually do it, that you actually have to learn.

At this point the timing of races is already a process we see very natural and the versatility of the Macsha teams are the proof of that, it is nothing complicated. We have learned so much that we have timed 2000 riders with a single team One and 4 strategically positioned side antennas and we have had readings of 99.3%.

The complicated thing for us is when we have an event where we are not only timing, but we are also supporting in the permits, safety, hydration, sound, atmosphere, delivery of t-shirts, medals, etc., and we have to recognize that there are occasions where we are impossible to make an event where we can not guarantee the quality of the same services that we offer.

Technologically speaking our competitive edge in racing remains the disposable chip on the back and remains our cover letter.

We have implemented new systems in the running part, which add value to what is offered. We implemented a runner history system within the site, which has control of events in which we have participated, kilometers traveled, calories burned, average speed, graph of performance per event and printing of certificates. Virtually the results returned by the Macsha software are processed to feed this system and has become a success with the runners.

This year we hope to migrate the broker’s history system to a mobile application and penetrate live broadcasts as well as online registrations; We have already been testing and we will soon be able to offer these services.

Our human team has not increased, but we are more efficient and in the activities that each one performs.


5. You are a great example for anybody who is interested in becoming a Timer. Do you have any advice for potential Timers that you wish somebody told you when you first started?

When you start it seems like it’s really hard to become a Timer, but we believe that everything is on the motivation and effort you put into it. Practice will turn a novice Timer into a Master timer, and with Macsha by your side your possibilities are excellent.

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