Macsha India Has Arrived!

Macsha continues to break barriers & reach milestones as it makes its way around the world to India! In April, our Macsha India Manager, Nithin Gowda, timed Macsha’s first event in Uttarakhand and in June our CEO, Pablo Maccarone, traveled to India to get to know the team!

Macsha India

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in April 2017and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Macsha India Continues to Grow!

At Macsha, we understand that there are different types of races, cultures, and needs in each country. This is why we believe in getting to know each country’s culture and needs and why it is so important to meet with people in person.

Throughout the month of June, our CEO, Pablo Maccarone, traveled to India and spent two weeks getting to know our Macsha India team, our Timers, and the Indian timing market. Throughout his time in India, Pablo and Nithin led trainings that taught the team how to use our timing systems, accessories and the Run on Rufus software. To round up the training, they held a demo race for sporting event organizers in Bangalore that showcased how our side and foldable floor antennas worked, as well as our timing systems from the One4All family. Take a look at the starting line of the demo race!

Macsha India


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During their stay in India, the team also dedicated their time to sit down with both potential and experienced Timers. This allowed them to get to know the area better and travel through Bangalore and Mysore. Pictured below, is one of our most experienced Timers in India, TimeAfterTime, with our CEO and Macsha India Manager.



At Macsha we take the time to understand the local market and their needs and that’s why we’ve decided to extend our brand to the Indian market. The Indian running market is growing at such rate that in 2016 there were over 700 events organized, an impressive 81% more than in 2015. A perfect example of how running is becoming a popular sport in India is this year’s Mumbai Marathon, which was completely fully booked six months in advance. We believe that India’s race organizers and sporting community are ready for the best timing systems in the market.

Throughout his time at Macsha, Nithin has developed his timing skills and managed to help Macsha land with a strong foot in India. His team, located in Bangalore, is equipped with our latest technology and is ready to time events all throughout India. Macsha India will be providing local technical support and producing chips locally while also adapting to the market and offering their products in Indian rupee.  


Macsha India’s First Race

Macsha India’s first event was held on April 15th in the Jim Corbett National Park. This event was open not only to marathon runners but also to runners interested in half marathons, 10K and 5K, thus bringing together runners from all ages and different levels of running experience. Interestingly, the park is not only home to grasslands, lakes and riverine belts, but also to wildlife such as tigers, otters, crocodiles.


For this specific event, Macsha India used our One4All 4.0 timing system with 8 antenna ports and our newly released foldable floor antenna and side antennas with a combination of our Click N’ Tag chips.

Are you interested in organizing an event in India? Contact Nithin Gowda today!

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