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Mallorca 312: 6,500 Cyclists, Impeccable Results and a New Timer!

Mallorca hosted over 6,500 cyclists last week at Mallorca 312, one of the largest cycling event of the year in Europe. Year after year participants from all over the world get the opportunity to choose from one of the three challenging courses available: Mallorca 167, Mallorca 225 and Mallorca 312. However, Mallorca 312 is not your typical cycling race, it’s known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere as well as its spectacular landscapes and climate and we had the opportunity to time it!

Our team arrived on the island ready to get to work and well equipped with everything needed to time the Mallorca 312, which had a total of 7 checkpoints. At the start/finish line, we were set up with a One4All X8 and 6 aerial antennas that were mounted onto a metallic arc. Each checkpoint was set up with an Ocelot system combined with 4 side antennas, each antenna having 4 meters between the next. Additionally, everything was being synced live to the cloud with our Run on Rufus software.

Mallorca Infographic

Timing the Mallorca 312: A Different Perspective

This year, we brought along Brecht Verhelst, a Timing apprentice, and he got to experience firsthand how Macsha sets up for an event, times it and problem solves all while delivering amazing results.

Before the race started, Brecht arrived on the island a couple of days early and got to work on organizing all of the chips and bike race numbers for the event participants. In any race, this is a very important task as the process has to be very precise in order to make sure that each cyclist gets their assigned bib number and matching chip.

During the day of the event, Brecht woke up bright and early at 3:50 am and headed out to set up his checkpoint. With a big race like Mallorca 312, each checkpoint is crucial to the timing of the overall event and thus has specific times that it is open to participants. After a long day of timing, our Timers gathered at the finish line and closed it down at 9 pm once all of the participants had crossed the line.

Mallorca 312

We sat down and got to talk with Brecht to see what he thought about his experience and Mallorca 312 as a first time Timer. Overall, he was impressed with all of the work that happens before and during the race, but specifically with all that the participants don’t get to see. Now, he understands firsthand how hard our Timers work on race day and the feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. Now that he’s timed a big event and gained experience in the field using Macsha’s systems and technology he’s ready to start his path as a Macsha Timer! Check out this great video he prepared about the Mallorca 312!

Want to learn more about the timing systems used at Mallorca 312? Check them out now!

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