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Rio Pinto: The Largest MTB Race in Latin America

April was filled with big races all throughout the word! This time around we had the opportunity to time the biggest MTB  race in all of Latin America, Rio Pinto 2017, bringing together more than 5,100 participants!

It seems like MTB is everywhere and after timing Mallorca 312 in Spain, we made it all the way to Latin America to time a race challenging for both the participants and our team, Rio Pinto 2017!

rio pinto

The Rio Pinto Challenge, which has been around for over 22 years, continues to be the largest mountain bike challenge, not only Argentina but in all of Latin America as participants race through 85km in the mountains of the Rio Pinto valley. Participants had the opportunity to choose between two different routes, both being challenging and surrounded with amazingly beautiful scenery.

Achieving Perfect Timing: Setting Up the Macsha Systems

This year, on April 30th, the Rio Pinto race was timed in the province of Córdoba using 1 KodKod and 2 Ocelot One4All systems, as well as 4 side antennas and 8 aerial antennas. Take a look at Gastón setting up our aerial antennas below!


Does your blood start flowing from just seeing the setup of an event? The event organizers did an incredible job putting together this video that showcases what Rio Pinto is all about! All the training, hardwork, dedication and sweat definitely paid off in the end for these participants! Check out the video they created below!

Our Timers always have the best advice for race day, and the set up for Rio Pinto was like no other! Matías Susco, who is in charge of Operations & Technology in Argentina, tells us that the secret to setting up for a big event like Rio Pinto is to arrive a couple days early and start setting up before the big crowds arrive. This way, since everything was set up in advance, our Timers had the time to conduct a simulation of the race in order to make sure that all of the equipment, including cameras, Run on Rufus and Kiosks, were working perfectly and ready for race day!

Interested in learning more about how to time big events like Río Pinto 2017? Click here to learn more today!


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