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Macsha Mexico at Bonafont 2017: 5 Races and Over 70,000 Participants

 Macsha Mexico timed the Bonafont 2017, a record-breaking event, that brought together over 70,000 women across 5 major cities in Mexico!

The 25th anniversary of the Carrera Bonafont 2017 brought its participants an event to be remembered for years to come! The Carrera Bonafont was created to inspire a social movement to empower women with their slogan #LigeraPuedo, reminding women that there are no limitations to their goals and aspirations and that everything can be accomplished. Metaphorically, this race reminds women that crossing the finish line is just the beginning. Additionally, the race had a theme of its own where it invited people to remember the importance of staying hydrated with incorporating healthy drinking habits into their daily routines.

With a total of 5 races and over 70,000 participants, Macsha Mexico timed Ciudad de Mexico, where the largest race was hosted, counted with 35,000 participants, Guadalajara with 14,000, Monterrey with 10,000, Puebla with 6,500 and Queretaro with 4,500. With Ciudad de Mexico being the biggest race, our Macsha Mexico team used 5 of the One4all 5th Generation PRO timing systems which were divided between the start and finish line. With this being such a grand event, Bonafont 2017 incorporated the use of chips into the event, in the way of running numbers, allowing participants to track the timing of their performance in the race.

Configuration of the Event: First Test Run of the One4All 5.0



Not only this was a successful and huge event, but it also served as the perfect place to use the One4All 5th Generation for the first time! Check out how we managed to get impeccable results:

Starting Line:

Systems: One4All 5.0 Pro
Antennas: 6 meters wide, 3 foldable floor antenna lines, 2s lateral antennas placed on te arch as aerial antennas.
Chip: On the race number.

The starting line, as shown in the picture below, was set up with a 6-meter arc and used 3 floor foldable antennas, each separated by 2 meters in between of the next. Additionally, we used 2 side antennas and placed them on top of the arc, acting as aerial antennas, which can be seen in white under the arc. In this specific event, there were more or less 1 in 4 participants who did not wear a chip while participating from the race, thus, the starting line had 20.034 readings.


Finish Line:

Systems: One4All 5.0 Pro
Antennas: 8 meters wide, 2 foldable floor antennas lines, 2 lateral antennas on the arch and 2 lateral antenas in tripods.

At the finish line, the setup of the event differed from the starting line in order to allow more participants to cross the finish line at the same time. This time, we set up an 8-meter arc and placed 2 lines of our floor foldable antennas right before crossing the arc, again separated by 2 meters in between. In order to generate a more accurate reading of the chips, we placed 3 side antennas at the top of the arc and another 2 side antennas on tripods, one of each side of the arc. This setup proved to be successful as the difference between the finish line and starting line readings was under 1%! Check out the picture below for the set up of the finish line!


Overall, the positioning of our antennas greatly determined the accuracy of the chip reading and helped accomplish the success of the overall race. Additionally, from using our One4All 5th Generation timing systems, each of the participating cities were timed using RunOnRufus live, sending real-time information to Facebook and Twitter.  Also, each system was incorporated with a camera accessory, allowing pictures of our participants to be taken and shared all throughout social media. Be on the lookout for next week’s blog on our One4All 5th Generation timing system!

Did you run the Bonafont 2017? Find your results here!


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