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The Next Evolution in Timing: One4All 5.0

We Time Everything,
and Everything has led up to this.



Revolutionary years at Macsha …

For over 10 years, Macsha has dedicated their services to providing the most precise timing equipment on the market.  With every step we take we are improving our systems to ensure that the One4All family will continually evolve and be the leader in the timing industry.  It all started back in 2009 with the release of the 1st generation Macsha 14A.  The huge amount of success that came with the 14A and the great feedback we received pushed us to enhance the 14A into what is known today as the One4All with enhanced designed with improved hardware and software.

Since then we’ve committed to raising the bar and now our One4All is being used on all corners of the world, timing every event you could think of, with absolute precision, style, and ease.  Take a look at our journey, and see for yourself!

Macsha Sports Timing


he First Generation One4All, the pioneer, and the vision of Macsha embodied in their first product, the 14A.

macsha_nosotros_sistema14A copy

  • Released in 2009/2010, first ever Macsha UHF timing system
  • Marked a precedent in the world of timekeeping with disposable chips in South America, because of its simplicity, accuracy, and reliability


The One4All second generation proved to the world a second time that timing events can be done with a sleeker, easier to use device.  Its revolutionary touch screen was praised by the industry and set a precedent for timing systems to come.

Sports Timing

One4All 2.0

The second generation of the One4All family showed the world for the second time around that sports timing can be done with a system that is elegant and easier to use. Its revolutionary touch screen was praised by the industry and established a precedent for new timing systems to come.


  • 2012, First UHF timing system to incorporate a touch screen
  • 3 versions of the 2.0 ranging from either 4 to 8 ports
  • The versions ranged from an 80 km/h speed capability up to 200 km/h
  • Included 1 Ethernet port, 3 USB, and accessory ports


One4All 3.0

Three years after the release of the second generation One4All, Macsha’s improved design and hardware lead to the Macsha One4All 3.0. The third generation incorporated a larger 7” touchscreen and its greatest feature was the housed WAN port to unlimit the user’s internet connectivity speed. A truly great product!


  • Released in 2015
  • Incorporated a larger, 7” touchscreen
  • Housed a WAN port to provide you with connectivity without speed limit
  • 3 models, the Ocelot, with 4 antenna ports, and the Kodkod, with 8 and the Cougar, for fast speed sports

One4All Timing System

One4All 4.0

The One4All became a staple at every major race given that its intelligence was far more superb than anything else on the market.  And here at Macsha, we always try to improve our best and offer the best timing systems on the market.  The One4All 4.0 was designed to be the smartest, most advanced timing software and hardware ever.  Also, it was the first One4All with internal battery. Since we are always innovating and improving our systems, this system was not on the market for a long time because we were working on our One4All 5.0.


  • Internal battery
  • External antenna connectors
  • 7″ touchscreen
  • WAN port

RFID Timing

 Everything has led up to this.

One4All 5.0

And now the newest evolution to the One4All, the One4All 5.0 is the most advanced, most precise timing equipment we have ever developed.  It is truly redesigned from the inside out, offering a sleeker, superb design. Its functionality completely embodies its look and the updated software allows anyone to be a professional timer. With a new, faster operating system and foldable antennas, it has the capability to be operated from a mobile phone.

There are two available systems for different uses. The Base version is recommended for our newer Timers and event checkpoints, while the PRO version is ideal for the finish line and experienced Timers that wish to utilize accesories like cameras and laser. Both systems come with 12 hours of baterry, ideal for all types of events, without the use of electricity.

One4All 5

  • Completely improved design
  • Lighter
  • All connections are external
  • Rain resistant
  • Web app for control directly from your mobile phone
  • New firmware. Updated software that is more flexible to use with many new features.
  • 7” capacitive touch screen
  • Option of 4 or 8 antenna connections
  • Option for PRO version and Standard version
  • Redesigned internal hardware
  • 12+ hours of battery
  • Camera port
  • Laser port

Events Timing systems 

We are not a traditional timing company, and we don’t want to be! At Macsha, we have a very different way of looking at technology, and this is what guarantees our Timers a constant commitment from our side to create the best tools so that their work is a success day after day.

Our promise is, and always will be, to provide the most precise timing systems that are easy to use, versatile, dynamic, and portable. If you don’t believe us, try it out for yourself! Contact us today

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