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Macsha is not only dedicated to providing the industry’s leading Timing equipment, we are also passionate about the sports we time and the participants and teams who dedicate their time to train, organize, and push the sports we love. We want to be active members of the sports community. This is why we announce with great pleasure that we are sponsors of the Club CTB!



History of Club CTB

This is the first time that we sponsor a team, and we couldn’t think of a better option that Club CTB. This club was founded in 2011 by their current president Esau Perez. The idea for the club came about when Esau felt there needed to be a triathlon club that represented his hometown, Badia del Valles. He wanted a club where swimmers, cyclists, and runners of all ages and levels can learn and develop their skills for triathlons. The club was also inspired by Victor del Corral, a resident of Badia del Valles, and also a competitor for the top 10 in the IronMan World Championships.

The philosophy of Club CTB is to strengthen a base of experienced triathletes that brings veterans to the club as well as create an environment for future triathletes to continue growing like the club.


Today the club has about thirty members including their young personal trainer, Luis Grima. Luis is vital to the team as he plans training regiments and prepares the team for the Circuit of Catalunya, whether it is a Triathlon, Duathlon, or Aquathlon.

Macsha & Club CTB

According to our CMO, Federico Diato “Macsha believes that not only through manufacturing some of the best systems in the market we help the sports industry, but we also have to reach out and help the small and big clubs and teams to reach their goals and dreams”.

Make sure you’re on the lookout for Club CTB as they participate in one of their highlight events, the Championship of Clubs by teams in Catalonia of triathlon and duathlon that is celebrated every year in the Prat del Llobregat!


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