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Growth Continues: Macsha Lands in Russia!

There’s a reason why last year we won the internalization award from INDESCAT! Now we’ve gone a step further in our mission and landed in the largest country in the world: Macsha is now in Russia!

Our COO, Gustavo Quiroga and Nikolay Maralev, sales manager in Russia, embarked on an adventure that took them to Russia for a week. Loaded with the latest and most advanced Macsha systems, they conducted tests and presentations.

First Stop: Moscow

The first stop was Moscow, where Gustavo and Nikolay brought One4All 5.0 systems in both their PRO and base versions, they also had our new foldable floor antennas and side antennas which grabbed the attention of those who attended the presentation.

If you still haven’t read about our new One4All 5.0 you should check out the evolution of Macsha’s systems in this amazing blog: The Next Evolution in Timing: One4All 5.0

Our Facebook Followers were able to follow the presentation live thanks to the streaming that Gustavo did! It’s a great idea to keep a close eye on our social media networks if you are not following us this is the perfect opportunity:


 Second Stop: Voronezh

The second stop of the trip to Russia was Voronezh, the neuralgic centre of Russia’s European part. And we have great news: We can officially announce the first Macsha Timer in Russia: Voronezh Marathon!

Gustavo and Nikolay did an amazing training to the guys of Voronezh Marathon, showing them the Macsha systems and turning them into the first Macsha Timers in Russia. And one last thing: Russia already has its first Macsha One4All 5.0! And of course, new Russian Timers will be joining the family in the following months.

Russia is an exciting market full of possibilities, we are sure that soon we’ll have great news! Keep a close eye! #WeTimeEverything

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