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Pamplona Puente Skate Marathon: History and Impeccable Results

The P2P is one of the most important skating events in the world. For its 9th edition, Macsha was the chosen timing company, guaranteeing 100% correct readings for the first time since the event exists. #WeTimeEverything


The 9th edition of P2P – Pamplona Puente Skate Marathon, was held on Sunday, September 17th, with a total of 420 participants from 15 countries, making it the most international one held.

Skaters from Argentina, Colombia, Italy, the United States, Peru, France, Sweden, Venezuela, Lithuania, Mexico, Greece, Cuba, Ecuador and Brazil reached the capital of Navarra to enjoy this fascinating race.



For the first time, the P2P was timed with only aerial and side antennas, without the floor ones.

We worked directly with the Skating Federation, and successfully obtained times, without any incidence, from skaters who were passing the finish line at 50 km per hour.



The technology used was:

  • One4All 5.0 PRO x 8 ports at each point
  • 4 aerial antennas at the start line + 2 side antennas
  • 4 aerial antennas at the finish line + 2 side antennas



Ewen Fernandez, from France, who was winning since the beginning of the race, won the first place in the men’s race. Ro Berbel, from Argentina, won the women’s competition. In both cases, P2P Pamplona Puente Skate records were beaten, and Macsha was there to time it!


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