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Macsha Swim: growth continues

The Macsha Swim brand and products are expanding! For this occasion, our Co-Founder & CMO Federico Diato and our Senior Sales & Marketing Executive Juan Alcalá-Galiano brought Macsha’s latest swimming timing products to Sant Cugat High Performance Center; a pioneer facility in the creation of an integrated institute, that has shaped the best athletes of the country.


On September 29th and 30th, MACSHA was present at the XXXVII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF SWIMMING TECHNICIANS. Trainers and entities related to the swimming world were at the event, with the aim of enriching one’s knowledge and sharing ideas.



We presented Macsha Swim at the High Performance Center of Sant Cugat, where we received feedback on the product from each coach present at the event.

The successful Macsha Swim and Macsha Swim Mini solutions were then exhibited to the coaches, clubs, federations and high performance centers.



It was a fantastic weekend for Macsha. There was a massive interest in our products, and we also signed a Collaboration Agreement with CAR for product development focused on improving training.



The technology development for sports is the most important thing for us, the unknown is: What will be the next Macsha product? Follow our adventure on our timing blog and stay updated through our latest news.


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