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What it’s like to work at Macsha?

We are motivated by the passion to do. By the technology. By sport. By traveling. By exploring… We want to advance and always move forward. We like to move fast, adapt and change. We are comfortable with unknowns because we are a young team that takes risks with responsibility and shares the same passion. In the end, it’s the results that matter.


For every worker, one of the most important motivations, in addition to good conditions, is the work environment. We believe that employees need a healthy work atmosphere, and that’s exactly what we enjoy every day.

At Macsha, we believe that our values determine the way we do things. That’s why we want to share experiences with you, using our best resource, Macsha’s team:

“I have been a part of Macsha’s team for the past 6 years. During this time, I went through many personal and professionals changes that allowed me to evolve towards a better understanding of my abilities. I learned how to use my abilities in the most efficient way, and in a very broad spectrum of design, programming and other developments. I believe that two of the most important Macsha’s values include dynamism and diversity. Dynamism because of the ability to adapt to different challenges, without losing focus and solving problems effectively, and diversity in the team that makes the company. There are people with multiple professional backgrounds, nationalities and cultures that enrich other team members and bring new ideas and concepts and make the company grow. I believe that these values are the foundation of Macsha, which has allowed the company to expand from its country of origin and the project itself towards new markets and opportunities, in just a few years.” Esteban Barbero.


“In a few days, I will celebrate my first anniversary at Macsha. As everyone knows, beginnings are not usually simple and quiet, but I can say that after a month I naturally adapted. Being a part of Macsha requires a certain capacity for adaptation (because transformation requires effort) and perseverance. After a while, other than the initial tasks, I started doing all kinds of different tasks that were unknown to me but got my interest to an unsuspected extent. What I want to say is that Macsha implies growth, and we are talking about true development here, the one that challenges you and pushes you outside your comfort zone. Maybe it’s because of my character, I’ve never felt comfortable doing a single repetitive function, and I think versatility is one of Macsha’s most important values. If you form a part of Macsha, make sure to understand that you won’t just play a single role because you have to play many to understand the way it works.” Clara Carreras.


“My first steps in Macsha could not have been better, I found a young team with great team spirit. And I’m really proud to be part of this great family. Macsha is a company in which you can learn something new every day and I got the honor of working with a great team, which always helps you when you’re in need. It is a place where they allow you to contribute and improve day by day. I am currently working in the electronics area of the production workshop, where I hope and wish to grow more and more every day.” Christian Perich.


We offer a modern work environment, characterized by fast decisions and constant innovation. The consideration of our employees, of our Timers, and the people who give Macsha personality and character, guarantees our success as a company. That’s why the decisions and contributions of our employees are extremely important for us. They create a continuous learning process that will provide much more successes in the future.





Our technical production team works hard to ensure that each product has the highest quality and functionality.



We are not afraid to take risks and we always try to get closer to perfection. We never stop, there is always room to improve.



Quality, safety and efficiency in performance are vital. Evolving in a space where order prevails helps the production team to improve and adequates the pace of work. Thanks to this methodology, we make sure that the Timer receives the products in time and in great shape.



Teamwork is one of Macsha’s most important values. Our team is crucial for our success!



We create an environment that fosters original ideas and lets them flow freely. Creativity has been a key component since the beginning. When you do business with Macsha, you get original and authentic ideas from passionate Timers.



We are constantly improving and innovating our technology in order to offer the best to our customers. As in many industries, in timing, it is also essential to research the latest materials and trends. And that’s what we do best!



At Macsha we believe that together is better and that’s why we are proud to know that we work with a truly international team.



We always put our Timers first, and we do it by providing the best sports timing systems on the market. When you buy our systems, you join our family!


We are a team of about 50 people in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. What sets us apart is the quality of the people who are part of Macsha, high-quality products, our customer service and our technical support.


Check out the following link and meet Macsha’s team > 🙂

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