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Why did we open our systems?

It’s an idea that we’ve been brewing for some time now.

Nowadays chips can be obtained practically even in the supermarket around the corner and at very competitive prices. The sports timing market is maturing, and the cost-of-chip factor plays an increasingly important role when it comes to choosing a technology provider.

The challenge for us –the system manufacturers– in this mature market, is to be able to explain the “high” price of the chip, when practically everyone knows the costs of these in other areas.

From Macsha we always explain that the prices of our chips -the M-TAGS- are related to the after-sales service we provide to our Timers: Personalized attention, technical support and software included; At Macsha we never charge for software licenses to our customers.

The reality is that today, a mature market presents mature clients, without the need for technical support and using proprietary or third-party software. To this type of clients, paying more for the chip doesn’t add value.

That is why in 2018 we open our One4All systems so that our customers can use them with any chip they wish. And for those who wish to continue taking advantage of our after-sales services, we invite you to join the Macsha CLUB.

We believe that this decision will allow our “liberated” clients to have the most competitive prices in the market and, at the same time, allow us to offer the members of the Macsha Club a better and personalized after-sales service.

We invite customers from other systems to advise with their provider on what are the after-sales services that justify the price of the chip they are buying.

And, finally, –for those about to time, we salute you! -, with the best technology, a clear after-sales service, and very competitive prices.

                                                                                                                                                     Pablo Miguel Maccarone.

What kind of service is right for you? Free or Club? Find out more in the upcoming blog notes that Fede will be sharing…


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