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An open or a closed system: what suits you better?

After years of experience in the sports timing world, not only has the technology evolved, but so have Timers, developing different needs and expectations for a timing system.

In our previous blog post we explained the reason why we decided to open our systems. Now the big question is … What works better for me?

The closed system or Macsha Club, is for new, small and medium Timers, who appreciate the possibility of consulting the manufacturer through the exclusive service of WhatsApp and have support for events such as for the systems rental.

Macsha Club members, enjoy better prices of systems and rentals, a priority support via email, access to Timers private group on Facebook, software included free of charge, as well as the support on their first event and those that follow on request.


Macsha Free is for Timers who have a race to time almost every weekend, timers with many years of experience who fully understand the technology, and may have used different types of systems over the years. Timers with wide knowledge of both timing and systems, who can clear up doubts as well as resolve simple and advanced issues.



Still can’t decide between Club or Free?

We understand, it is difficult to assess something that you have not used yet. That’s why, whatever option you choose, you can change anytime you want! By only paying the price difference, you can go from Club to Free or vice versa.

Timing evolves and so do you, this is why Macsha follows you as you grow, giving you the flexibility you need for each stage of your company.

                                                                                                                                                                       Federico Diato.

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