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A New Partnership in France: The Growth Continues

Macsha continues to consolidate its growth through large partnerships around the world. This time we partnered up with Matsport, an influencer in electronic timing in France.


Matsport, founded by Philippe COLLET 28 years ago, has a double mission of marketing technological products in the world of sports and offering computer and administration services in major sports events:  Le Tour de France and Rally Dakar.

Throughout its extensive experience, Matsport has been a reseller of brands such as LYNX, IPICO, MICROGATE and FINISHLYNX. For the UHF technology they have chosen Macsha as their preferred brand to serve the demanding French market.



We had the pleasure of interviewing them:


1. When was Matsport founded and what were the main sports and events you timed?

Matsport’s history started in 1989, Matsport Timing Service and Timing Expert distribution in 1994. Our sales is mainly focused on the athletics, running, triathlon, horse riding and skiing market. For Timing and Data Service we focus on cycling, athletics, running, rally and some others sports.

We do all the main events of the French Track and Field Federation: Photo finish – Display and Tv Graphics.

In the past, we did Le roc d’azur: 20 000 riders, Paris Versailles: 15 000 runners and the Lyon Marathon.


2. Tell us about the French market and the benefits this partnership will bring to the French market and Timers?

Regarding the running market we already work with a network of 50 Timing Companies to provide them with technologies and support.

Thanks to this partnership, the French Timers can now benefit from Macsha’s services: excellent solutions for timing all type of events, innovations and great prices.



3. How did you hear about Macsha and why did you decide to work with us?

We heard about Macsha through the Timers network and found out more information through the website.

The french market is very demanding; in Macsha we managed to find a dynamic team with a strong will to put new products and new software on the market.

We organized a meeting in our office in Saint-Ismier and confirmed that what Macsha offers meets our needs.


4. What do you expect from this partnership? What are your plans for the future now that you have our technology?

We want to sell an affordable and reliable technology, as well as bring support to our customers.

Matsport can bring support but also opportunities to our timers. As our idea is not to provide services on massive events, we will forward all the RFQs received to our network of timers.



5. Who is the contact person for the French Timers interested in Macsha’s technology? 

Paul Castel is in charge of these market. He is an expert in Photo-finish and RFID timing. He is also in charge of major athletics events in Europe. You can contact him at:


The technology development for sports is the most important thing for us. Follow our adventure on our timing blog and stay updated through our latest news.

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